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Welcome to Research Repository UCD

Research Repository UCD is a digital collection of open access scholarly research publications from University College Dublin. Research Repository UCD collects, preserves and makes freely available publications including peer-reviewed articles, working papers and conference papers created by UCD researchers. Where material has already been published it is made available subject to the open-access policies of the original publishers. This service is maintained by UCD Library.

Research Repository UCD and UCD’s Research Management System are integrated. This means that UCD researchers can upload the full-text of articles, conference papers, etc. to Research Repository UCD, while simultaneously updating their author profile on UCD’s Research Management System.

The Library assists with this overall process by advising on copyright and ensuring that from one upload research publications will appear in other relevant repositories and search engines such as Google Scholar.

Research Repository UCD also provides researchers with statistics outlining how many times items are viewed and downloaded, and from which countries.

Participation in Research Repository UCD helps to ensure that publications are more visible and highly cited.

For information about researchers and research activity at the university, please also see Research Profiles at the UCD Research web site.

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Collections in Research Repository

Recently Added

  • Bradley, Finbarr (Cork University Press, 2007)
    This paper asserts that the present innovation strategy pursued by the State, namely concentrating substantial resources to science and technology R&D, in the natural sciences, information technology and engineering, ...
  • Bradley, Finbarr (Taylor and Francis, 2007-07-31)
    This article argues that an overhaul of undergraduate education in Ireland is needed. It asserts that at present most students leave university short-changed, never having been exposed to the riches of discovery and research. ...
  • Bradley, Finbarr (Taylor and Francis, 2012-07)
    This article argues that creativity has the greatest potential to flourish if a learning environment is embedded within a community that emphasises a deep sense of place. Yet in a globalised world, rootedness is often ...
  • Wusteman, Judith (Emerald, 2016)
    Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to describe the process and implications of usability testing a prototype version of the Letters of 1916 Digital Edition. Design/methodology/approach: The paper presents the testing, ...
  • Lennon, Mick (Liverpool University Press, 2017)
    Planners are frequently asked to explain what planning is. This seemingly simple request is often met with a vague response that leaves the interlocutors unsatisfied. A viewpoint is presented on how to identify and convey ...