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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Aug-2011Abnormal N-heterocyclic Carbenes: More than just Exceptionally Strong Donor LigandsKrüger, AnnekeAlbrecht, Martin
Sep-2011Abnormal NHC Palladium Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and ReactivityPoulain, AurélieIglesias, ManuelAlbrecht, Martin
11-Feb-2013Application of 1,2,3-triazolylidenes as versatile NHC-type ligands: synthesis, properties, and application in catalysis and beyondDonnelly, Kate F.Petronilho, AnaAlbrecht, Martin
2010Beyond catalysis: N-heterocyclic carbene complexes as components for medicinal, luminescent, and functional materials applicationsMercs, LaszloAlbrecht, Martin
Feb-2014Bimetallic Iridium-Carbene Complexes with Mesoionic Triazolylidene Ligands for Water Oxidation CatalysisPetronilho, AnaWoods, James A.Bernhard, StefanAlbrecht, Martin
1-Jul-2014Carbene Iridium Complexes for Efficient Water Oxidation: Scope and Mechanistic InsightsWoods, James A.Lalrempuia, RaltePetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martinet al.
4-Sep-2013Carbene transfer from triazolylidene gold complexes as a potent strategy for inducing high catalytic activityCanseco-Gonzalez, DanielPetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martinet al.
23-Oct-2009Carbenes in ActionAlbrecht, Martin
27-Oct-2014Catalytic and Organometallic Chemistry of Earth-Abundant MetalsAlbrecht, MartinBedford, RobinPlietker, Bernd
Mar-2012Chelating C4-bound imidazolylidene complexes via oxidative addition of imidazolium salts to palladium(0)Krüger, AnnekeKluser, EvelyneMüller-Bunz, HelgeNeels, AntoniaAlbrecht, Martin
15-Oct-2012A chelating tetrapeptide rhodium complex comprised of a histidylidene residue: biochemical tailoring of a NHC-Rh hydrosilylation catalystMonney, AngèleAlbrecht, Martin
16-Jan-2012Circularly polarized lanthanide luminescence from Langmuir-Blodgett films formed from optically active and amphiphilic Eu(III) based self-assembly complexesKitchen, Jonathan A.Barry, Dawn E.Mercs, LaszloAlbrecht, MartinPeacock, Robert D.Gunnlaugsson, Thorfinnur
21-Sep-2011Cleavage of unreactive bonds with pincer metal complexesAlbrecht, MartinLindner, Monika M.
2010Cyclometalation using d-block transition metals: fundamental aspects and recent trendsAlbrecht, Martin
1-May-2014Dinuclear ruthenium complexes containing a new ditopic phthalazin- bis(triazole) ligand that promotes metal-metal interactionsAguiló, JoanNaeimi, AtenaBofill, RogerMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martinet al.
16-Dec-2013Efficient Electronic Communication of Two Ruthenium Centers through a Rigid Ditopic N-Heterocyclic Carbene LinkerNussbaum, MichaelSchuster, OliverAlbrecht, Martin
2010Expanding the family of mesoionic complexes: donor properties and catalytic impact of palladated isoxazolylidenesIglesias, ManuelAlbrecht, Martin
24-Nov-2014Iridium Complexes Containing Mesoionic C Donors: Selective C(sp3)-H versus C(sp2)-H Bond Activation, Reactivity Towards Acids and Bases, and Catalytic Oxidation of Silanes and WaterPetronilho, AnaWoods, James A.Müller-Bunz, HelgeBernhard, StefanAlbrecht, Martin
Jan-2015Iridium, ruthenium, and palladium complexes containing a mesoionic fused imidazolylidene ligandPetronilho, AnaMüller-Bunz, HelgeAlbrecht, Martin
21-Nov-2014Ligand Exchange and Redox Processes in Iridium Triazolylidene Complexes Relevant to Catalytic Water OxidationPetronilho, AnaLlobet, AntoniAlbrecht, Martin