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Feb-2018Asymptotically Optimum Perfect Universal Steganography of Finite Memoryless SourcesBalado, FélixHaughton, David
Feb-2013Capacity of DNA Data Embedding Under Substitution MutationsBalado, Félix
28-Jun-2012Gene Tagging and the Data Hiding RateBalado, FélixHaughton, David
Dec-2011Genetic channel capacity revisitedBalado, Félix
11-Jul-2014How to (Possibly) Foil Multimedia Security?Balado, FélixFournel, Thierry
26-May-2013A Modified Watermark Synchronisation Code for Robust Embedding of Data in DNAHaughton, DavidBalado, Félix
Jan-2010On the embedding capacity of DNA strands under insertion, deletion and substitution mutationsBalado, Félix
14-Mar-2010On the Shannon capacity of DNA data embeddingBalado, Félix
20-Apr-2018Optimum Exact Histogram SpecificationBalado, Félix
20-Nov-2013Optimum Perfect Steganography of Memoryless Sources as a Rate-Distortion ProblemBalado, FélixHaughton, David
19-Nov-2015Optimum Reversible Data Hiding and Permutation CodingBalado, Félix
Dec-2010Performance of DNA data embedding algorithms under substitution mutationsHaughton, DavidBalado, Félix
26-May-2013Permutation Codes and SteganographyBalado, FélixHaughton, David
24-Oct-2011Repetition coding as an effective error correction code for embedding information in DNAHaughton, DavidBalado, Félix
May-2014The role of permutation coding in minimum-distortion perfect counterforensicsBalado, Félix
Dec-2013Security of keyed DNA data embeddingHaughton, DavidBalado, Félix
20-Apr-2018Towards Optimum Counterforensics of Multiple Significant Digits Using Majorisation-MinimisationBalado, FélixSilvestre, Guenole C.