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23-Nov-2009A bridge-vehicle interaction based experimental investigation of damage evolutionPakrashi, VikramO'Connor, AlanBasu, Biswajit
10-Jul-2009A Comparative Analysis of Structural Damage Detection Techniques by Wavelet, Kurtosis and Pseudofractal MethodsPakrashi, VikramO'Connor, AlanBasu, Biswajit
1-Jan-2016A comprehensive study of the delay vector variance method for quantification of nonlinearity in dynamical systemsJaksic, VesnaMandic, Danilo P.Ryan, Kevin M.Basu, BiswajitPakrashi, Vikram
5-Dec-2011Control of flapwise vibrations in wind turbine blades using semi-active tuned mass dampersArrigan, JohnPakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitNagarajaiah, Satish
Aug-2010Effect of tuned mass damper on the interaction of a quarter car model with a damaged bridgePakrashi, VikramO'Connor, AlanBasu, Biswajit
1-Jan-2016Estimation of nonlinearities from pseudodynamic and dynamic responses of bridge structures using the Delay Vector Variance methodJaksic, VesnaMandic, Danilo P.Karoumi, RaidBasu, BiswajitPakrashi, Vikram
20-Jun-2012Experimental Detection of Sudden Stiffness Change in a Structural System Employing Laser Doppler VibrometryJaksic, VesnaPakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitRyan, Kevin M.
Jul-2013Monitoring of changes in bridge response using Weigh-In-Motion systemsCantero, DanielGonzález, ArturoBasu, Biswajit
Jul-2013Monitoring of Changes in Bridge Response Using Weigh-In-Motion SystemsCantero, DanielGonzález, ArturoBasu, Biswajit
15-Sep-2009Nondetection, false alarm, and calibration insensitivity in kurtosis- and pseudofractal-based singularity detectionPakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitO'Connor, Alan
14-Jul-2009A statistical measure for wavelet based singularity detectionPakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitO'Connor, Alan
Sep-2007Structural damage detection and calibration using a wavelet-kurtosis techniquePakrashi, VikramBasu, BiswajitO'Connor, Alan
28-Jun-2008A study on the effects of damage models and wavelet bases for damage identification and calibration in beamsPakrashi, VikramO'Connor, AlanBasu, Biswajit