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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-20212D Synthetic dataset of numerical simulations of long-period seismicity in a volcanic edifice and related sensitivity kernelsMartínez Montesinos, BeatrizBean, Christopher J.Lokmer, Ivan
Jul-2010Coseismic velocity variations caused by static stress changes associated with the 2001 Mw=4.3 Agios Ionis earthquake in the Gulf of Corinth, GreeceCociani, L.Bean, Christopher J.Lyon-Caen, Heleneet al.
Sep-2013The coupling between very long period seismic events, volcanic tremor, and degassing rates at Mount Etna volcanoZuccarello, LucianoBurton, Michael R.Saccorotti, GilbertoBean, Christopher J.Patané, Domenico
30-Apr-2021Diffraction imaging of sedimentary basins: An example from the Porcupine Basin Lowney, BrydonWhiting, LewisLokmer, IvanO'Brien, G. S.Bean, Christopher J.
Sep-2013Eruptive fracture location forecasts from high frequency events on Piton de la Fournaise volcanoDe Barros, LouisBean, Christopher J.Zecevic, MeganBrenguier, FlorentPeltier, Aline
1-May-2017Helicopter location and tracking using seismometer recordingsEibl, Eva P. S.Lokmer, IvanBean, Christopher J.Akerlie, Eggert
1-Oct-2015Helicopter vs. volcanic tremor: Characteristic features of seismic harmonic tremor on volcanoesEibl, Eva P. S.Lokmer, IvanBean, Christopher al.
Nov-2012Imaging magma storage below Teide volcano (Tenerife) using scattered seismic wavefieldsDe Barros, LouisMartini, FrancescaBean, Christopher J.Garcia-Yeguas, A.Ibáñez, J.
15-May-2013Investigating the source characteristics of long-period (LP) seismic events recorded on Piton de la Fournaise volcano, La RéunionZecevic, MeganDe Barros, LouisBean, Christopher J.O'Brien, G. S.Brenguier, Florent
Oct-2011An irregular lattice method for elastic wave propagationO'Brien, G. S.Bean, Christopher J.
15-Dec-2013Long-period seismicity in the shallow volcanic edifice formed from slow-rupture earthquakesBean, Christopher J.De Barros, LouisLokmer, Ivanet al.
9-Nov-2016Micrometre-scale deformation observations reveal fundamental controls on geological riftingThun, JohannesLokmer, IvanBean, Christopher J.Eibl, Eva P. al.
Sep-2013Modelling fluid induced seismicity on a nearby active faultMurphy, ShaneO'Brien, G. S.McCloskey, J.Bean, Christopher J.Nalbant, S.
15-May-2013Moment tensor inversion for the source location and mechanism of long period (LP) seismic events from 2009 at Turrialba volcano, Costa RicaEyre, Thomas S.Bean, Christopher J.De Barros, LouisO'Brien, G. S.Martini, FrancescaLokmer, Ivanet al.
Apr-2017Multiple Coincident Eruptive Seismic Tremor Sources During the 2014-2015 Eruption at Holuhraun, IcelandEibl, Eva P. S.Bean, Christopher J.Jónsdóttir, IngibjörgHöskuldsson, ArmannThordarson, ThorvaldurCoppola, DiegoWitt, TanjaWalter, Thomas R.
28-May-2015New observations of displacement steps associated with volcano seismic long-period events, constrained by step-table experimentsThun, JohannesLokmer, IvanBean, Christopher J.
15-Jul-2013Origin of spurious single forces in the course mechanism of volcanic seismicityDe Barros, LouisLokmer, IvanBean, Christopher J.
11-Jun-2018An Outlook on Seismic Diffraction Imaging Using Pattern RecognitionLowney, BrydonLokmer, IvanBean, Christopher J.O'Brien, G. S.Igoe, M.
1-Dec-2014Persistent Shallow Background Microseismicity on Hekla Volcano, Iceland: A Potential Monitoring ToolEibl, Eva P. S.Bean, Christopher J.Vogfjörð, KristínBraiden, Aoife
22-Sep-2014Propagation of microseisms from the deep ocean to landYing, YingziBean, Christopher J.Bromirski, Peter D.