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2-Mar-201950 Years of CS1 at SIGCSE: A Review of the Evolution of Introductory Programming Education ResearchBecker, Brett A.Quille, Keith
29-May-2016Categorizing Compiler Error Messages with Principal Component AnalysisBecker, Brett A.Mooney, Catherine
28-May-2018Computer science identity and sense of belonging: a case study in IrelandMooney, CatherineBecker, Brett A.Salmon, LanaMangina, Eleni
24-May-2016Current Challenges and Future Research Areas for Digital Forensic InvestigationLillis, DavidBecker, Brett A.O'Sullivan, TadhgScanlon, Mark
5-Mar-2016An Effective Approach to Enhancing Compiler Error MessagesBecker, Brett A.
19-Sep-2016Effective compiler error message enhancement for novice programming studentsBecker, Brett A.Glanville, GrahamIwashima, RicardoMooney, Catherineet al.
8-Jan-2016EpimiRBase: a comprehensive database of microRNA-epilepsy associationsMooney, CatherineBecker, Brett A.Raoof, RanaHenshall, David C
4-Dec-2015An Evaluation of Google Plus Communities as an Active Learning Journal Alternative to Improve Learning EfficacyScanlon, MarkBecker, Brett A.
2-Mar-2019First Things First: Providing Metacognitive Scaffolding for Interpreting Problem PromptsPrather, JamesPettit, RaymondBecker, Brett al.
5-Dec-2014Introducing Contemplative Pedagogy to the Classroom: Implementation, Experience and Effects on ConcentrationGlanville, GrahamIwashima, RicardoBecker, Brett A.
Oct-2006Matrix Multiplication on Two Interconnected ProcessorsBecker, Brett A.Lastovetsky, Alexey
4-Dec-2015Mindfulness and contemplative practices: The voice of the studentGlanville, GrahamBecker, Brett A.
13-Jul-2016A New Metric to Quantify Repeated Compiler Errors for Novice ProgrammersBecker, Brett A.
13-Jul-2016Novice Programmers and the Problem Description EffectBouvier, DennisLovelette, EllieMatta, JohnBecker, Brett al.
25-May-2012Partitioning for Parallel Matrix-Matrix Multiplication with Heterogeneous Processors: The Optimal SolutionDeFlumere, AshleyLastovetsky, AlexeyBecker, Brett A.
4-Mar-2019ProgSnap2: A Flexible Format for Programming Process DataPrice, Thomas W.Hovemeyer, DavidRivers, KellyBecker, Brett al.
5-Jul-2018Recent Advances in Matrix Partitioning for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous PlatformsBeaumont, OlivierBecker, Brett A.DeFlumere, AshleyEyraud-Dubois, LionelLambert, ThomasLastovetsky, Alexey
4-Dec-2016Reflective Learning Journals in Computer Science: The Student ExperienceGlanville, GrahamBecker, Brett A.
8-Jul-2007Towards Data Partitioning for Parallel Computing on Three Interconnected ClustersBecker, Brett A.Lastovetsky, Alexey
2-Mar-2019What Do CS1 Syllabi Reveal About Our Expectations of Introductory Programming Students?Becker, Brett A.Fitzpatrick, Thomas