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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2009Adaptive management of multigranular spatio-temporal object attributesCamossi, ElenaBertino, ElisaGuerrini, GiovannaBertolotto, Michela
2009Adaptive management of multigranular spatio-temporal object attributesCamossi, ElenaBertino, ElisaGuerrini, GiovannaBertolotto, Michela
22-Apr-2003An agent-based architecture for wireless bus travel assistantsStrahan, RobinMuldoon, ConorO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Bertolotto, MichelaCollier, Rem
Nov-2014Automated Highway Tag Assessment of OpenStreetMap Road NetworksJilani, MusfiraCorcoran, PadraigBertolotto, Michela
2002Bus Catcher: A Context Sensitive Prototype System for Public Transportation UsersBertolotto, MichelaO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)Strahan, RobinBrophy, AilishMartin, A. (Alan)McLoughlin, Eoin
Nov-2014Cognitively Adequate Topological Robot Localization and MappingCorcoran, PadraigBertolotto, MichelaLeonard, John J.
2011A comparison of open source geospatial technologies for web mappingBallatore, AndreaTahir, AliMcArdle, GavinBertolotto, Michela
2-Sep-2013Computing the semantic similarity of geographic terms using volunteered lexical definitionsBallatore, AndreaWilson, David C.Bertolotto, Michela
2012Evaluating the benefits of Octree-based indexing for LiDAR dataMosa, Abu Saleh MohammadSchoen, BiancaBertolotto, Michelaet al.
Oct-2012Geographic Knowledge Extraction and Semantic Similarity in OpenStreetMapBallatore, AndreaBertolotto, MichelaWilson, David C.
Apr-2012A holistic semantic similarity measure for viewports in interactive mapsBallatore, AndreaWilson, David C.Bertolotto, Michela
6-Nov-2015Inferring Semantics from Geometry - the Case of Street NetworksCorcoran, PadraigJilani, MusfiraMooney, PeterBertolotto, Michela
Jan-2014Interactive cartographic route descriptionsCorcoran, PadraigMooney, PeterBertolotto, Michela
2015Interpreting map usage patterns using geovisual analytics and spatio-temporal clusteringMcArdle, GavinTahir, AliBertolotto, Michela
8-May-2008Mining Spatio-temporal Data at Different Levels of DetailCamossi, ElenaBertolotto, MichelaKechadi, Tahar
3-Jul-2009Multi-granular spatio-temporal object models : concepts and research directionsBertino, ElisaCamossi, ElenaBertolotto, Michela
7-Nov-2008Multigranular spatio-temporal models : implementation challengesCamossi, ElenaBertolotto, MichelaBertino, Elisa
2010An open-source web architecture for adaptive location-based servicesMcArdle, GavinBallatore, AndreaTahir, AliBertolotto, Michela
5-Sep-2008Querying Multigranular Spatio-temporal ObjectsCamossi, ElenaBertolotto, MichelaBertino, Elisa
Mar-2010RecoMap : an interactive and adaptive map-based recommenderBallatore, AndreaMcArdle, GavinKelly, CaitrionaBertolotto, Michela