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1-Jul-2011Biology using engineering tools: The negative feedback amplifierBirtwistle, Marc R.Kolch, Walter
2012Emergence of bimodal cell population responses from the interplay between analog single-cell signaling and protein expression noiseBirtwistle, Marc R.Rauch, JensKiyatkin, Anatoly al.
Aug-2009Endocytosis and signalling: A meeting with mathematicsBirtwistle, Marc R.Kholodenko, Boris N.
10-Feb-2012ERK2 drives tumour cell migration in three-dimensional microenvironments by suppressing expression of Rab17 and liprin-β2Thun, A. vonBirtwistle, Marc R.Kalna, al.
27-Jan-2014Evaluating Strategies to Normalise Biological Replicates of Western Blot DataDegasperi, AndreaBirtwistle, Marc R.Volinsky, NataliaKolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.
16-Nov-2011Linear Approaches to Intramolecular Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Probe Measurements for Quantitative ModelingBirtwistle, Marc R.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonKida, Katarzynaet al.
2012Mammalian protein expression noise: scaling principles and the implications for knockdown experimentsBirtwistle, Marc R.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonDobrzyński, Maciejet al.
25-Jun-2014Nonlinear signalling networks and cell-to-cell variability transform external signals into broadly distributed or bimodal responsesDobrzyński, MaciejNguyen, Lan K.Birtwistle, Marc R.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonBlanco-Fernandez, AlfonsoCheong, AlexKolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.