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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Mar-2012An Agent-based Modeling Approach to Study Price ImpactCui, WeiBrabazon, Anthony
2010An analysis of genotype-phenotype maps in grammatical evolutionFagan, DavidO'Neill, MichaelGalván-López, EdgarBrabazon, AnthonyMcGarraghy, Sean
5-Sep-2012Applying Genetic Regulatory Networks to Index TradingNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Jul-2010Comparing the performance of the evolvable πgrammatical evolution genotype-phenotype pap to grammatical evolution in the dynamic Ms. Pac-Man environmentGalván-López, EdgarFagan, DavidMurphy, EoinSwafford, John MarkAgapitos, AlexandrosO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
12-Jul-2011A comparison of GE and TAGE in dynamic environmentsMurphy, EoinO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2-Apr-2011Defining locality as a problem difficulty measure in genetic programmingGalván-López, EdgarMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Jul-2010Defining locality in genetic programming to predict performanceGalván-López, EdgarMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
14-Apr-2011Dynamic ant : introducing a new benchmark for genetic programming in dynamic environmentsFagan, DavidNicolau, MiguelHemberg, ErikO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2011Dynamic environments can speed up evolution with genetic programmingO'Neill, MichaelNicolau, MiguelBrabazon, Anthony
25-Apr-2014Dynamic Index Trading using a Gene Regulatory Network ModelNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
Feb-2011Dynamic trade execution : a grammatical evolution approachCui, WeiBrabazon, AnthonyO'Neill, Michael
2011Early stopping criteria to counteract overfitting in genetic programmingTuite, ClíodhnaAgapitos, AlexandrosO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
16-Jul-2009An efficient customer search tool within an anti-money laundering application implemented on an internaitonal bank's datasetLe-Khac, Nhien-AnMarkos, SammerO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, AnthonyKechadi, Tahar
2010Evolutionary computation and trade executionCui, WeiBrabazon, AnthonyO'Neill, Michael
24-Apr-2010Evolutionary design using grammatical evolution and shape grammars : designing a shelterO'Neill, MichaelMcDermott, JamesSwafford, John MarkByrne, JonathanHemberg, ErikBrabazon, AnthonyShotton, ElizabethMcNally, CiaranHemberg, Martin
Sep-2010Evolutionary learning of technical trading rules without data-mining biasAgapitos, AlexandrosO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2010Evolving a Ms. PacMan controller using grammatical evolutionGalván-López, EdgarSwafford, John MarkO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
27-Apr-2011Evolving behaviour trees for the Mario AI competition using grammatical evolutionPerez, DiegoNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2010Evolving dynamic trade execution strategies using grammatical evolutionCui, WeiBrabazon, AnthonyO'Neill, Michael
2010Evolving efficient limit order strategy using grammatical evolutionCui, WeiBrabazon, AnthonyO'Neill, Michael