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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Feb-2010Antibacterial effects of poly(2-(dimethylamino ethyl)methacrylate) against selected Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteriaRawlinson, Lee-Anne BettyRyan, Sinéad M.Mantovani, GiuseppeSyrett, Jay A.Haddleton, David M.Brayden, David James
19-Jan-2019Application of Permeation Enhancers in Oral Delivery of Macromolecules: An UpdateMaher, SamBrayden, David JamesCasettari, LucaIllum, Lisbethet al.
Jul-2016An Assessment of the Permeation Enhancer, 1-phenyl-piperazine (PPZ), on Paracellular Flux Across Rat Intestinal Mucosae in Ussing ChambersBzik, V. A.Brayden, David James
1-Mar-2022Best practices in current models mimicking drug permeability in the gastrointestinal tract - An UNGAP reviewO'Shea, Joseph P.Augustijns, PatrickBrandl, MartinBrayden, David Jameset al.
Oct-2017Buccal delivery of small molecules and biologics: of mucoadhesive polymers, films, and nanoparticlesMorales, Javier O.Brayden, David James
28-Sep-2016Coated minispheres of salmon calcitonin target rat intestinal regions to achieve systemic bioavailability: Comparison between intestinal instillation and oral gavageAguirre, Tanira A. S.Aversa, VincenzoRosa, MónicaBrayden, David Jameset al.
Mar-2013Colonic absorption of salmon calcitonin using tetradecyl maltoside (TDM) as a permeation enhancerPetersen, Signe BeckNielsen, Lisette GammelgaardRahbek, Ulrik LyttGuldbrandt, MetteBrayden, David James
Oct-2017A comparison of three Peyer's patch "M-like" cell culture models: particle uptake, bacterial interaction, and epithelial histologyTauseef Ahmad, Muhammad‏Gogarty, MartinaWalsh, Edwin G.Brayden, David James
Sep-2012CriticalSorb promotes permeation of flux markers across isolated rat intestinal mucosae and Caco-2 monolayersBrayden, David JamesBzik, V. A.Lewis, A. L.Illum, Lisbeth
15-Nov-2016Current status of selected oral peptide technologies in advanced preclinical development and in clinical trialsAguirre, Tanira A. S.Teijeiro-Osorio, D.Rosa, MónicaBrayden, David Jameset al.
Jul-2015Development of nanotoxicology: implications for drug delivery and medical devicesBhattacharjee, S.Brayden, David James
1-Dec-2021Drug Delivery Formulations and Devices Tailored for Paediatric and Older PatientsBrayden, David James
Oct-2017Editorial overview: New technologies: drug delivery and medical devices combinations, more than the sum of the partsBrayden, David JamesHirst, Barry H.
25-Mar-2018Effects of surfactant-based permeation enhancers on mannitol permeability, histology, and electrogenic ion transport responses in excised rat colonic mucosaeMaher, SamHeade, JoanneMcCartney, FionaBrayden, David Jameset al.
12-Mar-2020An Enteric-Coated Polyelectrolyte Nanocomplex Delivers Insulin in Rat Intestinal Instillations when Combined with a Permeation EnhancerSladek, SvenjaMcCartney, FionaEskander, MenaBrayden, David Jameset al.
Jun-2017Evaluation of PepT1 transport of food-derived antihypertensive peptides, Ile-Pro-Pro and Leu-Lys-Pro using in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo transport modelsGleeson, John P.Brayden, David JamesRyan, Sinéad M.
31-Oct-2019Evaluation of Sucrose Laurate as an Intestinal Permeation Enhancer for Macromolecules: Ex Vivo and In Vivo StudiesMcCartney, FionaRosa, MónicaBrayden, David James
11-May-2020Evolving peptides for oral intakeBrayden, David James
May-2014Formulation strategies to improve oral peptide deliveryMaher, SamRyan, BenDuffy, AoifeBrayden, David James
Aug-2010High content analysis of cytotoxic effects of pDMAEMA on human intestinal epithelial and monocyte culturesRawlinson, Lee-Anne BettyO'Brien, Peter J.Brayden, David James