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16-Mar-2018Analytical Approach to Statistical Logic Cell Delay Analysis and its Extension to a Timing GraphMishagli, DimitriBlokhina, ElenaBrazil, Thomas J.Hollands, Steve
10-Jun-2011Class-J RF power amplifier with wideband harmonic suppressionTuffy, NealZhu, AndingBrazil, Thomas J.
2010Forty years of European microwaves: what about the future?Van der Vorst, AndreBrazil, Thomas J.Clarricoats, Peter J. al.
May-2015Nonlinear Behavioral Modeling Dependent on Load Reflection Coefficient MagnitudeCai, JialinKing, Justin B.Zhu, AndingPedro, José C.Brazil, Thomas J.
11-Oct-2011Novel realisation of a broadband high-efficiency continuous class-F power amplifierTuffy, NealZhu, AndingBrazil, Thomas J.
23-Feb-2010Peak-to-average power ratio reduction of SFBC MIMO-OFDM signals using unused tonesBraz, IsabelaGuan, LeiZhu, AndingBrazil, Thomas J.
Sep-2013Reactive Power From Distributed Generators : Characterisation and Utilisation of the ResourceCuffe, Paul
6-Oct-2016Real-valued discrete-time impulse response representation of bandpass S-parametersWang, YudieZhu, AndingBrazil, Thomas J.
5-Jul-2018Statistical Simulations of Delay Propagation in Large Scale Circuits Using Graph Traversal and Kernel Function DecompositionFreeley, JenniferMishagli, DmytroBrazil, Thomas J.Blokhina, Elena