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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2010Analysis of a Microgravity Solidification Experiment for Columnar to Equiaxed Transitions with Modeling ResultsMcFadden, ShaunBrowne, David J.Sturz, Laszloet al.
2011As-cast grain size distribution prediction for grain refined castings via simulating free equiaxed dendrite transport during solidificationMirihanage, Wajira U.Browne, David J.
27-Sep-2012Bulk Metallic Glass Multiscale Tooling for Molding of Polymers with Micro to Nano Features : A ReviewBrowne, David J.Stratton, DermotGilchrist, M. D.Byrne, Cormac J.
20-Jul-2016Bulk metallic glasses for implantable medical devices and surgical toolsMeagher, PhilipO'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.Byrne, James H.Browne, David J.
2013Characterization of Micro Injection Molding Process for the Replication of Micro/Nano Features Using Bulk Metallic Glass InsertZhang, NanBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
May-2010Combined analytical and numerical front tracking approach to modeling directional solidification of a TiAl-based intermetallic alloy for design of microgravity experimentsRebow, MarekBrowne, David J.Fautrelle, Yves
Oct-2009Combined analytical/numerical modelling of nucleation and growth during equiaxed solidification under the influence of thermal convectionMirihanage, Wajira U.Browne, David J.
28-Aug-2015Comparison of crystalline and amorphous versions of a magnesium-based alloy: corrosion and cell responseByrne, James H.O'Cearbhaill, Eoin D.Browne, David J.
Oct-2009Comparison of nucleation and growth mechanisms in alloy solidification to those in metallic glass crystallisation - relevance to modelingBrowne, David J.Kovacs, Z.Mirihanage, Wajira U.
15-Nov-2016Direct observation of spatially isothermal equiaxed solidification of an Al-Cu alloy in microgravity on board the MASER 13 sounding rocketMurphy, A. G.Mathiesen, Ragnvald H.Browne, David al.
2011Effect of design on the replication of micro/nano scale features by micro injection mouldingZhang, NanBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
15-Jul-2017Elimination of porosity in bulk metallic glass castings using hot isostatic pressingSrivastava, Amit P.Tong, MingmingȘtefanov, TatianaBrowne, David J.
12-Aug-2009Experimental and economic study of aluminium-gallium alloys as a fuel/catalyst for hydrogen propulsionKeane, EamonBrowne, David J.Carr, A. J. (Alun J.)
Apr-2012A generalised version of an Ivantsov-based dendrite growth model incorporating a facility for solute measurement ahead of the tipMcFadden, ShaunBrowne, David J.
15-Apr-2017Identification of key liquid metal flow features in the physical conditioning of molten aluminium alloy with high shear processingTong, MingmingPatel, Jayesh B.Stone, IanFan, ZhongyunBrowne, David J.
15-Jun-2017In Situ X-ray Studies of metal alloy solidification in microgravity conditions – The XRMON projectNguyen-Thi, HenriReinhart, GuillaumeBrowne, David J.
Oct-2014Inverse estimate of heat flux on a plasma discharge tube to steady-state conditions using thermocouple data and a radiation boundary conditionde Faoite, DaithíBrowne, David J.Del Valle Gamboa, J. I.Stanton, Kenneth T.
May-2010Macroscopic model for predicting columnar to equiaxed transitions using columnar front tracking and average equiaxed growthMirihanage, Wajira U.McFadden, ShaunBrowne, David J.
10-Aug-2015Manufacturing microstructured tool inserts for the production of polymeric microfluidic devicesZhang, NanSrivastava, Amit P.Kirwan, BrendanByrne, RichardFang, FengzhouBrowne, David J.Gilchrist, M. D.
1-Oct-2009Modelling and simulation of twin-roll casting of bulk metallic glassesDuggan, GregoryBrowne, David J.