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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2016Assessing the relative importance of parameter and forcing uncertainty and their interactions in conceptual hydrological model simulationsMockler, Eva M.Chun, K. P.Sapriza-Azuri, G.Bruen, MichaelWheater, H. S.
Dec-2004Assessment of factors affecting flood forecasting accuracy and reliability. Carpe Diem Centre for Water Resources Research : Deliverable 10.3Bruen, MichaelNasr, Ahmed ElssidigYang, JianqingParmentier, Benoit
Nov-2012Bankfull discharge and recurrence intervals in Irish riversAhilan, SangaralingamO'Sullivan, J. J.Bruen, MichaelBrauders, NeillHealy, Darren
May-2018Catchment Management Support Tools for Characterisation and Evaluation of Programme of MeasuresMockler, Eva M.Bruen, Michael
14-Jul-2016CCT: A simple prioritisation tool for identifying critical source areas for managing waterborne pollutantsPackham, I.Archbold, Marie A.Mockler, Eva M.Bruen, Michaelet al.
Feb-2018Challenges in using hydrology and water quality models for assessing freshwater ecosystem services: A reviewHallouin, ThibaultBruen, MichaelChristie, MikeBullock, CraigKelly-Quinn, Mary
Aug-2003Comparison of physically based catchment models for estimating Phosphorus lossesNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Mar-2007A comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC for modelling phosphorus export from three catchments in IrelandNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelJordan, PhillipMoles, RichardKiely, GerardByrne, Paul
May-2010The COST 731 Action : a review on uncertainty propagation in advanced hydro-meteorological forecast systemsRossa, AndreaLiechti, KatharinaZappa, MassimilianoBruen, MichaelGermann, UrsHaase, G√ľntherKeil, ChristianKrahe, P. (Peter)
May-2007Coupling system model with fuzzy logic rules for use in runoff and total phosphorus load prediction in a catchmentNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
15-Jan-2013Derivation of a national fuzzy phosporous export model using 84 Irish catchmentsNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Jul-2008Designing for surface water runoff control : end-user requirements in IrelandBruen, MichaelO'Sullivan, J. J.Gebre, F.Purcell, Patrick J.
Mar-2005Developing an independent, generic, phosphorus modelling component for use with grid-oriented, physically-based distributed catchment modelsNasr, Ahmed ElssidigTaskinen, AnttiBruen, Michael
Aug-2003Developing an independent, generic, phosphorus modelling component for use with grid-oriented, physically-based distributed catchment modelsNasr, Ahmed ElssidigTaskinen, AnttiBruen, Michael
Feb-2008Development of neuro-fuzzy models to account for temporal and spatial variations in a lumped rainfall-runoff modelNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
Jul-2007Effectiveness of a drinking-water treatment sludge in removing different phosphorus species from aqueous solutionRazali, MelanieZhao, Y.Q.Bruen, Michael
2017ESManage Programme: Irish Freshwater Resources and Assessment of Ecosystem Services ProvisionFeeley, Hugh B.Bruen, MichaelBullock, CraigChristie, MikeKelly, FionaKelly-Quinn, Mary
Sep-2009Estimating the parameters of the extreme value type 1 distribution for low flow series in IrelandNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael
2008Eutrophication from agricultural sourcesCarton, Owen T.Tunney, H.Daly, KarenRyan, MichaelKurz, I.Doody, DonnachaBourke, DavidKiely, GerardMorgan, G. (Gerard)Moles, RichardJordan, P.Ryan, D.Irvine, KennethJennings, EleanorMagette, W. L.Bruen, MichaelMulqueen, JohnRodgers, M. (Michael)Johnston, PaulBartley, Pamela
Sep-2006Eutrophication from agricultural sources : a comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC phosphorus models for three Irish catchments - Final ReportNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, Michael