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Feb-2018Challenges in using hydrology and water quality models for assessing freshwater ecosystem services: A reviewHallouin, ThibaultBruen, MichaelChristie, MikeBullock, CraigKelly-Quinn, Mary
Nov-2001Cost-benefit analysis of a resource and environmental survey of IrelandBullock, CraigClinch, J. Peter
2017ESManage Programme: Irish Freshwater Resources and Assessment of Ecosystem Services ProvisionFeeley, Hugh B.Bruen, MichaelBullock, CraigChristie, MikeKelly, FionaKelly-Quinn, Mary
1995Measuring the public benefits of landscape and environmental change : a case of upland grazing extensificationBullock, Craig
Oct-2012Peatlands, their public good value and priorities for their future management - the example of IrelandBullock, CraigCollier, MarcusConvery, Frank J.
2008Quality of life and the environment : final reportClinch, J. PeterBrereton, FinbarrBullock, CraigO'Neill, EoinRussell, Paula
2001Red deer culls, Scots pine and the stalking clientBullock, Craig
Jan-2018Study to identify and assess relevant instruments and incentives to reduce the use of single-use and other items, which impact the marine environment as marine litterBullock, CraigDickie, IanTinch, Rob
2006Understanding and measuring quality of life in Ireland : sustainability, happiness and well-beingClinch, J. PeterFerreira, S. (Susana)Brereton, FinbarrMoro, MirkoBullock, Craig
2006Using choice experiments to value urban greenspaceBullock, Craig
2006Valuing urban green space : hypothetical alternatives and the status-quoBullock, Craig
1997A way forward for environmentally sensitive farming that meets the needs of public and farmerBullock, CraigMcHenry, H.L.
15-Mar-2011When the public good conflicts with an apparent preference for unsustainable behaviourBullock, CraigCollier, Marcus