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24-Jul-2011Aspects of wind energy characteristics in transmission related optimisation models : invited panel discussion paperBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Feb-2010An assessment of the impact of wind generation on system frequency controlDoherty, RonanMullane, AlanNolan, Gillian (Lalor)Burke, Daniel J.Bryson, AlexanderO'Malley, Mark
15-Oct-2014Challenges in utilisation of demand side response for operating reserve provisionQazi, Hassan WajahatBurke, Daniel J.Flynn, Damian
Sep-2008Developments in energy technology and policy researchDenny, EleanorBurke, Daniel J.Fitzmaurice, RonanKeane, AndrewNyamdash, BatsaikhanRichardson, PeterSilke, EmmaTroy, NiamhTuohy, AidanTwohig, SonyaVittal, EknathO'Malley, Mark
15-Nov-2017Ensemble Calibration of Lumped Parameter Retrofit Building Models using Particle Swarm OptimizationAndrade-Cabrera, CarlosBurke, Daniel J.Turner, William J. N.Finn, Donal
17-Aug-2017Evaluation of Flexibility Impacts of Thermal Electric Storage Using an Integrated Building-to-Grid ModelAnwar, Muhammad BasharO'Malley, MarkBurke, Daniel J.
Apr-2011Factors influencing wind energy curtailmentBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Apr-2011Factors Influencing Wind Energy CurtailmentBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
21-Oct-2016An integrated Building-to-Grid model for evaluation of energy arbitrage value of Thermal StorageAnwar, Muhammad BasharAndrade-Cabrera, CarlosNeu, OlivierO'Malley, MarkBurke, Daniel J.
29-Nov-2016Lumped Parameter Building Model Calibration using Particle Swarm OptimizationAndrade-Cabrera, CarlosTurner, William J. N.Burke, Daniel J.Neu, OlivierFinn, Donal
May-2010Maximizing firm wind connection to security constrained transmission networksBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
26-Sep-2017Optimal charging schedules for thermal electric storage in the absence of communicationAnwar, Muhammad BasharO'Malley, MarkBurke, Daniel J.
Mar-2009Optimal firm wind capacity allocation to power systems with security constraintsBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
25-May-2009Optimal wind power location on transmission systems - a probabilistic load flow approachBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Apr-2011A study of optimal non-firm wind capacity connection to congested transmission systemsBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Nov-2011A study of principal component analysis applied to spatially distributed wind powerBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark
Jul-2009Transmission connected wind curtailment with increasing wind capacity connectionBurke, Daniel J.O'Malley, Mark