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30-Aug-2018A comparative study on different BFRP rebar design methodologiesAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg
Jan-2011Comparison between microwave and microwave plasma sintering of nickel powdersBreen, AidanTwomey, BarryByrne, GregDowling, Denis P.
15-Feb-2013Comparison between shot peening and abrasive blasting processes as deposition methods for hydroxyapatite coatings onto a titanium alloyByrne, GregO'Neill, LiamTwomey, BarryDowling, Denis P.
1-Sep-2010Comparison of thermal and microwave-assisted plasma sintering of nickel-diamond compositesTwomey, BarryBreen, AidanByrne, GregHynes, AlanDowling, Denis P.
30-Aug-2016Developing braided FRP reinforcement for concrete structuresAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg
16-Dec-2016Development of Braided Basalt FRP Rebar for Reinforcement of Concrete StructuresAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg
10-Oct-2018Mechanical characterisation of braided BFRP rebars for internal concrete reinforcementAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg
9-Dec-2005The performance of coated tungsten carbide drills when machining carbon fibre-reinforced epoxy composite materialsMurphy, C.Byrne, GregGilchrist, M. D.
Jul-2011Rapid discharge sintering of nickel-diamond metal matrix compositesTwomey, BarryBreen, AidanByrne, GregHynes, AlanDowling, Denis P.
Aug-2011Wear resistance enhancement of the titanium alloy Ti6AI4V via a novel co-incident microblasting processFleming, DavidO'Neill, LiamByrne, GregBarry, NicholasDowling, Denis P.