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15-Oct-2016A Block-Coupled Finite Volume Methodology for Linear Elasticity and Unstructured MeshesCardiff, PhilipTuković, ŽeljkoJasak, HrvojeIvankovic, Alojz
30-Aug-2018CFD Modelling of Helicopter Downwash and Assessment of its impact on Pedestrian ComfortBernardo, PaulMac Réamoinn, RéamonnCardiff, PhilipKeenahan, JenniferYoung, Patrick
13-Jun-2011Contact stress analysis in openFOAM: application to hip joint bonesCardiff, PhilipIvankovic, AlojzFitzPatrick, David al.
2012Development of a Finite Volume Based Structural Solver for Large Rotation of Non-Orthogonal MeshesCardiff, PhilipIvankovic, AlojzKarac, Aleksandaret al.
Nov-2012Development of a finite volume contact solver based on the penalty methodCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarIvankovic, Alojz
3-Dec-2013Development of a Hip Joint Model for Finite Volume SimulationsCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarFitzPatrick, David al.
7-Apr-2014Development of mapped stress-field boundary conditions based on a Hill-type muscle modelCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarFitzPatrick, David al.
Oct-2012Development of the Finite Volume Method for Hip Joint Stress AnalysisCardiff, Philip
4-Dec-2019Investigation of helicopter downwash effect on pedestrian comfort using CFDBernardo, PaulMac Réamoinn, RéamonnYoung, PatrickBrennan, DiarmuidCardiff, PhilipKeenahan, Jennifer
7-Sep-2016A Lagrangian Cell-Centred Finite Volume Method for Metal Forming SimulationCardiff, PhilipTuković, ŽeljkoJaeger, Peter DeClancy, M.Ivankovic, Alojz
Jan-2014A large strain finite volume method for orthotropic bodies with general material orientationsCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarIvankovic, Alojz
28-Aug-2020A Numerical Study of the Effect of Wind Barriers on Traffic and the Bridge DeckKeenahan, JenniferZhang, YuxiangCardiff, Philip
2018An open-source finite volume toolbox for solid mechanics and fluid-solid interaction simulationsCardiff, PhilipKarac, AleksandarJaeger, Peter DeIvankovic, Alojzet al.