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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2010Abortion among young women and subsequent life outcomesCasey, Patricia R.
2013Adjustment disorder consideredCasey, Patricia R.Jabbar, Faraz
Nov-2009Adjustment disorder: epidemiology, diagnosis and treatmentCasey, Patricia R.
2012Adjustment disorder: implications for ICD-11 and DSM-5Casey, Patricia R.Doherty, Anne
2009Adjustment disorders with depressed mood: A critique of its DSM-IV and ICD-10 conceptualization and recommendations for the futureBaumeister, H.Maercker, A.Casey, Patricia R.
Feb-2018Adjustment Disorders: A diagnosis whose time has comeBachem, RahelCasey, Patricia R.
Feb-2011Adjustment disorders: the state of the artCasey, Patricia R.Bailey, Susan
Dec-2009Applications for fees waivers on medical and psychiatric grounds at an Irish third-level collegeWhite, Daniel C.Kelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.
Jun-2006Can adjustment disorders and depressive episodes be distinguished? Results from ODINCasey, Patricia R.Maracy, MohammadKelly, Brendan al.
Mar-2018A comprehensive analysis of the factor structure of the Beck Depression Inventory-II in a sample of outpatients with adjustment disorder and depressive episodeMcElroy, EoinCasey, Patricia R.Adamson, GaryFilippopoulos, PavlosShevlin, Mark
Oct-2014Distinguishing between adjustment disorder and depressive episode in clinical practice: The role of personality disorderDoherty, AnneJabbar, FarazKelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.
2015Experiences of Using Prezi in Psychiatry TeachingDuffy, Richard M.Guerandel, AllysCasey, Patricia R.Malone, KevinKelly, Brendan D.
2006Factors associated with suicidal ideation in the general population : Five-centre analysis from the ODIN studyCasey, Patricia R.Dunn, GrahamKelly, Brendan al.
2006Health service use by adults with depression: community survey in five European countries - Evidence from the ODIN studyMcCracken, CherieDalgard, Odd SteffenAyuso-Mateos, Jose LuisCasey, Patricia R.Wilkinson, GregLehtinen, VilleDowrick, Christopher
May-2013I'm spiritual but not religious : Implications for research and practiceCasey, Patricia R.
2010Impact of severity and type of depression on quality of life in cases identified in the communityNuevo, R.Leighton, C.Dunn, G.Casey, Patricia al.
Jun-2009Impact of severity of personality disorder on the outcome of depressionKelly, Brendan D.Nur, Nula A.Tyrer, PeterCasey, Patricia R.
Dec-2014Media and the Coverage of PsychiatryHalder, NeelNiazi, A.Ahmed, Z.Casey, Patricia R.
2015Mental health professionals and information sharing: carer perspectivesWilson, LornaPillay, DivinaKelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.
Jun-2010National survey of psychiatrists' responses to implementation of the Mental Health Act 2001 in IrelandJabbar, FarazKelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.