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Apr-2018Assessing women's lacrosse head impacts using finite element modellingClark, J. MichioHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
16-Sep-2016The Association among Injury Metrics for Different Events in Ice Hockey Goaltender ImpactClark, J. MichioPost, AndrewHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
29-Mar-2018Comparison of Ice Hockey Goaltender Helmets for Concussion Type ImpactsClark, J. MichioTaylor, KarenPost, AndrewHoshizaki, T. BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
15-Sep-2017Damage to Real World Equestrian Helmets Sustained from Impact against Different SurfacesClark, J. MichioConnor, Thomas A.Williams, ClaireGilchrist, Michael D.
11-Sep-2015Determining the relationship between linear and rotational acceleration and MPS for different magnitudes of classified brain injury risk in ice hockeyClark, J. MichioPost, AndrewHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
Jun-2016The effect of acceleration signal processing for head impact numeric simulationsPost, AndrewClark, J. MichioRobertson, D.G.E.Hoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
22-Jul-2016Effect of impact surface in equestrian fallsClark, J. MichioPost, AndrewConnor, Thomas A.Hoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.
7-Jul-2017Protective capacity of an ice hockey goaltender helmet for three events associated with concussionClark, J. MichioHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, Michael D.
Dec-2016Protective Capacity of Ice Hockey Helmets against Different Impact EventsClark, J. MichioPost, AndrewHoshizaki, Thomas BlaineGilchrist, M. D.