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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003Analysis of epidemiology reports on selected herd breakdowns of tuberculosis 1994-1998O'Keeffe, JamesHiggins, Isabella M.
Sep-1999Assessment of the 1998 tuberculosis eradication programme: a comparison of the out-turn for years, 1989 – 1997Towey, KieranCollins, John D.
Oct-2000Associate members and their District Veterinary Offices, or other locations
Jun-2002Associate members and their district veterinary offices, or other locations
Sep-1999Associate members and their District Veterinary Offices, or other, locations
Dec-2003Associate members locations
Jun-2002Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summaries, 2000 and 2001
Sep-1999Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summary, 1998
Oct-2000Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summary, 1999
Dec-2003Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summary, 2002
Dec-2003Brucellosis (contagious abortion) in cattle: 1989 – 2002Hammond, Robert F.Griffin, John M.Sheahan, MichaelMaher, PeterO'Hagan, GarryHahesy, Tom
Oct-2000A comparative assessment of serological assays used for the diagnosis of brucellosis in cattleTowey, KieranGriffin, John M.Williams, DavidSheahan, MichaelHeneghan, Terry
Oct-2000A compartmental model for the within-herd spread of M. bovis in Irish cattle herdsGriffin, John M.Williams, David
Oct-2000Confirmed tuberculous lesions in non-tuberculin reactor cattle slaughtered at export meat plants in the Republic of Ireland, 1988 to 1999Lenehan, B.Dolan, Leonard A.Quigley, Frances
Sep-1999Confirmed tuberculous lesions in non-tuberculin-reactor cattle slaughtered at export meat plants in the Republic of Ireland, 1988 to 1998Costello, EamonDolan, Leonard A.Quigley, Frances
Oct-2000Current Research at the Badger Vaccine Research LaboratoryGormley, EamonnSouthey, Angela
Oct-2000A density analysis of the distribution of standard reactors and visible lesions in Irish herds: a focused approach to visualising the location of bovine tuberculosis infectionsHammond, Robert F.
Jun-2002Density maps highlight areas with chronic bovine tuberculosis and enable targeting of resources to eradicate diseaseO'Keeffe, JamesHammond, Robert F.McGrath, Guy
Sep-1999Developing a brucellosis reporting form and an accompanying investigation formatO'Keeffe, James
Jun-2002Development of a GIS-independent herd contiguity identification applicationMcGrath, GuyWhite, Paul