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1-Sep-2018Building performance evaluation using OpenMath and Linked DataHu, ShushanCorry, EdwardHorrigan, MatthewHoare, CathalDos Reis, MathildeO'Donnell, James
Oct-2016Building Performance Optimisation: A Hybrid Architecture for the Integration of Contextual Information and Time Series DataHu, ShushanCorry, EdwardTurner, William J. N.O'Donnell, James
Apr-2013Building performance optimization using cross-domain scenario modeling, linked data, and complex event processingO'Donnell, JamesCorry, EdwardHasan, Souleimanet al.
13-Nov-2015Development of a Model View Definition for Environmental and Energy Performance AssessmentPinheiro, Sérgio V.Corry, EdwardKenny, PaulO'Donnell, James
Nov-2019LiDAR point-cloud mapping of building façades for building energy performance simulationO'Donnell, JamesTruong-Hong, LinhBoyle, NiamhCorry, Edwardet al.
19-Sep-2014Making SimModel information available as RDF graphsPauwels, PieterCorry, EdwardO'Donnell, James
Sep-2015A performance assessment ontology for the environmental and energy management of buildingsCorry, EdwardPauwels, PieterHu, ShushanKeane, MarcusO'Donnell, James
25-Jun-2014Representing SimModel in the Web Ontology LanguagePauwels, PieterCorry, EdwardO'Donnell, James
29-Oct-2015Requirements for a BIM-Based Life-Cycle Performance Evaluation Framework to Enable Optimum Building OperationPinheiro, Sérgio V.Corry, EdwardO'Donnell, James