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2011Charge resolved electrostatic diagnostic of colliding copper laser plasma plumesYeates, P.Fallon, ConorKennedy, E.T.Costello, John T.
7-Mar-2009Electron and ion stagnation at the collision front between two laser produced plasmasHough, PádraigMcLoughlin, ConorKelly, Thomas J.Hayden, PatrickHarilal, Sivanandan S.Mosnier, Jean-PaulCostello, John T.
15-Jan-2010Emission characteristics and dynamics of the stagnation layer in colliding laser produced plasmasHough, PádraigMcLoughlin, ConorHarilal, Sivanandan S.Mosnier, Jean-PaulCostello, John T.
Sep-2011Femtosecond X-ray pulse length characterization at the LCLS free electron laserDüsterer, S.Radcliffe, P.Bostedt, C.Bozek, J.Cavalieri, A.L.Coffee, R.Costello, John T.Cubaynes, D.DiMauro, L.F.Ding, Y.Doumy, G.Helml, W.Schweinberger, W.Kienberger, R.Maier, A.R.Grüner, F.Messerschmidt, M.Richardson, V.Roedig, C.Tschentscher, T.Meyer, M.
7-Sep-2011Ion emission in collisions between two laser-produced plasmasHough, PádraigHayden, PatrickFallon, ConorKelly, Thomas J.McLoughlin, ConorYeates, P.Mosnier, Jean-PaulKennedy, E.T.Harilal, Sivanandan S.Costello, John T.
21-Dec-2011Theory of AC-Stark splitting in core-resonant Auger decay under strong x-ray fieldsNikolopoulos, L.A.A.Kelly, Thomas J.Costello, John T.