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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Addressing a Training Gap through Addiction Research Education for Medical Students: Letter to the EditorKlimas, Jan; Cullen, Walter
1-Jun-2012Alcohol screening and brief intervention among drug users in primary care : a discussion paperField, Catherine Anne; Klimas, Jan; Barry, Joe; Bury, Gerard; Keenan, Eamon; Lyons, Suzi; Smyth, Bobby P.; Cullen, Walter
20-Sep-2017Barriers and facilitators to implementing addiction medicine fellowships: a qualitative study with fellows, medical students, residents and preceptorsKlimas, Jan; Small, Will; Ahamad, Keith; Cullen, Walter; et al.
7-Dec-2010Barriers to and Facilitators of Hepatitis C Testing, Management, and Treatment Among Current and Former Injecting Drug Users: A Qualitative ExplorationSwan, Davina; Long, Jean; Carr, Olivia; Lambert, John; Cullen, Walter; et al.
Apr-2014Can GPs help problem drinkers who also use other drugs?Klimas, Jan; Cullen, Walter
Oct-2017Clinician-Scientist Training in Addiction Medicine: A Novel Programme in Canadian SettingKlimas, Jan; McNeil, Ryan; Small, Will; Cullen, Walter
Oct-2016Commentary on Zeremski et al. (2016): Improvements in HCV-related Knowledge Among Substance Users on Opioid Agonist Therapy After an Educational InterventionMcCombe, Geoff; Henihan, Anne Marie; Leahy, Dorothy; Klimas, Jan; Lambert, John; Cullen, Walter
2012Commentary on ‘The research translation problem : Alcohol screening and brief intervention in primary care – Real world evidence supports theory’Klimas, Jan; Field, Catherine Anne; Barry, Joe; Bury, Gerard; Keenan, Eamon; Lyons, Suzi; Smyth, Bobby P.; Cullen, Walter
Jul-2017Core Addiction Medicine Competencies for Doctors, An International Consultation on TrainingAyu, Astri Parawita; el-Guebaly, Nady; Schellekens, Arnt; Cullen, Walter; Klimas, Jan; et al.
Feb-2017Development and implementation of a 'Mental Health Finder' software tool within an electronic medical record systemSwan, Davina; Hannigan, Ailish; Higgins, Sean; Cullen, Walter; et al.
20-Jan-2011Exploring healthcare professionals experience and attitudes towards screening for and treatment of problem alcohol use among drug users attending primary careField, Catherine Anne; Klimas, Jan; Barry, Joe; Bury, Gerard; Keenan, Eamon; Lyons, Suzi; Smyth, Bobby P.; Cullen, Walter
5-Nov-2016Feasibility of alcohol screening among people receiving Opioid treatment in primary careHenihan, Anne Marie; McCombe, Geoff; Klimas, Jan; Lambert, John; Cullen, Walter; et al.
Nov-2013Genetic pre-determinants of concurrent alcohol and opioid dependence: a critical reviewMartin, Marissa; Klimas, Jan; Dunne, Colum; Meagher, David; O'Connor, William T.; O'Dwyer, Patrick; Smyth, Bobby P.; Cullen, Walter
9-Mar-2012The management of problem alcohol use among drug users in primary care : exploring patients’ experience of screening and treatmentField, Catherine Anne; Klimas, Jan; Cullen, Walter; Barry, Joe; Bury, Gerard; Keenan, Eamon; Lyons, Suzi; Smyth, Bobby P.
6-Apr-2016Off the record: Substance-related disorders in the undergraduate medical curricula in IrelandWilson, Mitch; Cullen, Walter; Goodair, Christine; Klimas, Jan
Feb-2017Preliminary Results and Publication Impact of a Dedicated Addiction Clinician Scientist Research FellowshipKlimas, Jan; Fernandes, Elaine; deBeck, Kora; Cullen, Walter; et al.
9-Mar-2012Problem alcohol use among problem drug users : development of clinical guidelines for general practiceKlimas, Jan; Field, Catherine Anne; Anderson, Rolande; Barry, Joseph; Bedford, Declan; Bourke, Margaret; Corrigan, Gerard; Doyle, Joseph; Flanagan, Jean; Gallagher, Hugh; Geoghegan, Noreen; Harkin, Kieran; Keenan, Eamon; Lambert, John; McAuliffe, Ruaidhri; McCann, Mary Ellen; McCormick, Aiden; O'Driscoll, Denis; O'Gara, Colin; Perry, Nicola; Smyth, Bobby P.; Weldon, Fiona; Cullen, Walter; Bury, Gerard; Lyons, Suzi
10-Aug-2011Psychosocial interventions for problem alcohol use in illicit drug users (Protocol)Klimas, Jan; Field, Catherine Anne; Cullen, Walter; O'Gorman, Clodagh S. M.; Glynn, Liam G.; Keenan, Eamon; Saunders, Jean; Bury, Gerard; Dunne, Colum
18-May-2015Psychosocial Interventions for Problem Alcohol Use in Primary Care Settings (PINTA): Baseline Feasibility DataKlimas, Jan; Henihan, Anne Marie; McCombe, Geoff; Bury, Gerard; Cullen, Walter; et al.
3-Dec-2014Psychosocial interventions to reduce alcohol consumption in concurrent problem alcohol and illicit drug usersKlimas, Jan; Tobin, Helen; Field, Catherine Anne; Bury, Gerard; Cullen, Walter; et al.