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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Active Learning for Multi-Label Image AnnotationSingh, MohanCurran, EoinCunningham, Pádraig
27-Aug-2014Adaptive Representations for Tracking Breaking News on TwitterBrigadir, IgorGreene, DerekCunningham, Pádraig
25-Jun-2012Aggregating Content and Network Information to Curate Twitter User ListsGreene, DerekSheridan, GavinSmyth, BarryCunningham, Pádraig
8-May-2013All or Nothing : protein complexes flip essentiality between distantly related eukaryotesRyan, Colm J.Krogan, Nevan J.Cunningham, PádraigCagney, Gerard
Mar-2009An Analysis of Current Trends in CBR Research Using Multi-View ClusteringGreene, DerekFreyne, JillSmyth, BarryCunningham, Pádraig
2008An analysis of research themes in the CBR conference literatureGreene, DerekFreyne, JillSmyth, BarryCunningham, Pádraig
1-Aug-2015An Analysis of the Coherence of Descriptors in Topic ModelingO'Callaghan, DerekGreene, DerekCarthy, JoeCunningham, Pádraig
1-Jul-2015Analyzing Discourse Communities with Distributional Semantic ModelsBrigadir, IgorGreene, DerekCunningham, Pádraig
21-Mar-2007An Assessment of Alternative Strategies for Constructing EMD-Based Kernel Functions for Use in an SVM for Image ClassificationZamolotskikh, AntonCunningham, Pádraig
Aug-2009An assessment of machine learning techniques for review recommendationO'Mahony, Michael P.Cunningham, PádraigSmyth, Barry
14-Sep-2018A Case-Study on the Impact of Dynamic Time Warping in Time Series RegressionMahato, VivekCunningham, Pádraig
Feb-2011A Characterization of Wikipedia Content Based on Motifs in the Edit GraphWu, GuangyuHarrigan, MartinCunningham, Pádraig
2014Community detection: effective evaluation on large social networksLee, ConradCunningham, Pádraig
Aug-2008Community Finding in Large Social Networks Through Problem DecompositionNarasimhamurthy, AnandGreene, DerekHurley, Neil J.Cunningham, Pádraig
28-Aug-2014The Contribution of Morphological Features in the Classification of Prostate Carcinoma in Digital Pathology ImagesMcCarthy, NicholasCunningham, PádraigO'Hurley, Gillian
11-Dec-2011Deriving insights from national happiness indicesBrew, AnthonyGreene, DerekArchambault, DanielCunningham, Pádraig
20-Mar-2016Detecting Attention Dominating Moments Across Media TypesBrigadir, IgorGreene, DerekCunningham, Pádraig
22-Oct-2020Detecting Voids in 3D Printing Using Melt Pool Time Series DataMahato, VivekObeidi, Muhannad AhmedBrabazon, DermotCunningham, Pádraig
8-Aug-2007Dimension ReductionCunningham, Pádraig
21-Sep-2016Dimensionality Reduction and Visualisation Tools for Voting RecordBrigadir, IgorGreene, DerekCross, James P.Cunningham, Pádraig