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Jun-2016Comparison of citrate-fluoride-EDTA with fluoride-EDTA additives to stabilize plasma glucose measurements in women being screened during pregnancy with an oral glucose tolerance test: a prospective observational studyDaly, NiamhFlynn, IseultCarroll, CiaraStapleton, MaryO'Kelly, RuthTurner, Michael
Feb-2016Impact of Implementing Preanalytical Laboratory Standards on the Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Prospective Observational StudyDaly, NiamhFlynn, IseultCarrol, CiaraFarren, MariaMcKeating, AoifeTurner, Michael
1-May-2015The interplay between maternal obesity and gestational diabetes mellitusFarren, MariaDaly, NiamhO'Higgins, AmyMcKeating, AoifeMaguire, Patrick J.Turner, Michael
17-Oct-2017Maternal Body Mass Index and the prevalence of spontaneous and elective preterm delivery in an Irish obstetric population: a retrospective cohort studyVinturache, AngelaMcKeating, AoifeDaly, NiamhSheehan, SharonTurner, Michael
Jul-2015Maternal Obesity and Neck CircumferenceAnglim, B.O'Higgins, AmyDaly, NiamhFarren, MariaTurner, Michael
Aug-2016A national survey of preanalytical handling of oral glucose tolerance tests in pregnancyDaly, NiamhFlynn, IseultCarroll, CiaraFarren, MariaMcKeating, AoifeTurner, Michael
Jun-2016Preanalytic Laboratory Standards (Letters to the Editor)Daly, NiamhTurner, Michael
Jul-2014The relationship between gestational weight gain and fetal growth: time to take stock?O'Higgins, AmyDoolan, AnneMullaney, LauraDaly, NiamhMcCartney, DanielTurner, Michael
1-Nov-2017Time And temperature affect glycolysis in blood samples regardless of fluoride-based preservatives: a potential underestimation of diabetesStapleton, MaryDaly, NiamhO'Kelly, RuthTurner, Michael