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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2015Analysing Performance Characteristics of Biomass Haulage in Ireland with GPS, GIS and Fuel Diagnostic ToolsSosa, AmandaMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
2009Assessing Real Time GPS Asset Tracking for Timber HaulageDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
26-May-2015Benchmarking Environmental Impacts of Peat Use for Electricity Generation in Ireland - A Life Cycle AssessmentMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
4-Dec-2013Biofuel Production in Ireland—An Approach to 2020 Targets with a Focus on Algal BiomassMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerDeverell, RoryMcDonnell, Kevin
Mar-2013Characterisation of spruce, salix, miscanthus and wheat straw for pyrolysis applicationsButler, EoinDevlin, GerMeier, DietrichMcDonnell, Kevin
1-Jan-2015Controlling moisture content and truck configurations to model and optimise biomass supply chain logistics in IrelandSosa, AmandaAcuna, MauricioMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Ger
Mar-2010Decision Support Systems for Truck Route Modelling (D-TRM)Devlin, Ger
Mar-2010Decision Support Systems: Advances In
Jan-2014Deriving cooperative biomass resource transport supply strategies in meeting co-firing energy regulations: A case for peat and wood fibre in IrelandDevlin, GerTalbot, Bruce
2008Development of a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for Route Costing Calculations within the Irish Timber Haulage SectorDevlin, GerMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
25-Sep-2007Dynamic Non-DGPS positional accuracy performance between recreational and professional GPS receiversDevlin, GerMcDonnell, KevinWard, Shane
2010Economic Analysis of Manufacturing Costs of Pellet Production in the Republic of Ireland Using Non-Woody BiomassNolan, AnthonyMcDonnell, KevinDevlin, Geret al.
Oct-2009An economic assessment of potential ethanol production pathways in IrelandDeverell, RoryMcDonnell, KevinWard, ShaneDevlin, Ger
11-Sep-2013Energy requirements and environmental impacts associated with the production of short rotation willow (Salix sp.) chip in IrelandMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
12-Jul-2013The Evaluation of Flash Point and Cold Filter Plugging Point with Blends of Diesel and Cyn-Diesel Pyrolysis Fuel for Automotive EnginesMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin
Jan-2012The evaluation of viscosity and density of blends of Cyn-diesel pyrolysis fuel with conventional diesel fuel in relation to compliance with fuel specifications EN 590:2009Murphy, FionnualaMcDonnell, KevinButler, EoinDevlin, Ger
2011A Feasibility Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar Power for Small Communities in IrelandFlood, EndaMcDonnell, KevinMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, Ger
Sep-2013Fluidised bed pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomasses and comparison of bio-oil and micropyrolyser pyrolysate by GC/M-FIDButler, EoinDevlin, GerMeier, DietrichMcDonnell, Kevin
2011Forest Biomass Processing Glossary: English-Czech and Czech-English glossaryKlvac, RadomirDevlin, Ger
1-Mar-2014Forest Biomass Supply Chains in Ireland: A Life Cycle Assessment of GHG Emissions and Primary Energy BalancesMurphy, FionnualaDevlin, GerMcDonnell, Kevin