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Aug-2012Cyclic and Rapid Axial Load Tests on Displacement Piles in Soft ClayDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
Oct-2009Cyclic axial loading of offshore piles-An issue of concern?Doherty, Paul
13-Mar-2014Design Tools Available For Monopile EngineeringDoherty, PaulPrendergast, Luke J.Murphy, GerryGavin, Kenneth
Jan-2010The Development and Testing of an Instrumented Open-Ended Model PileIgoe, DavidDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
29-Aug-2014The effect of scour on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbinePrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethDoherty, Paul
21-Nov-2013The effect of variations in soil stiffness on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbinePrendergast, Luke J.Doherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
1-Feb-2010Field investigation of base resistance of pipe piles in clayDoherty, PaulGavin, KennethGallagher, David
Jul-2010Field investigation of the effect of installation method on the shaft resistance of piles in clayGavin, KennethGallagher, DavidDoherty, PaulMcCabe, Bryan
Mar-2011The Geotechnical Challenges Facing the Offshore Wind SectorDoherty, PaulGavin, KennethCasey, Bernard
Mar-2011The geotechnical challenges facing the offshore wind sectorDoherty, PaulGavin, KennethCasey, Bernard
2-Oct-2011The impact of soil autocorrelation on pile load displacement behaviourDoherty, PaulGavin, KennethWeichao, Li
1-Jun-2015An investigation into the effect of scour on the natural frequency of an Offshore Wind TurbinePrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethDoherty, Paul
Dec-2011Laterally loaded monopile design for offshore wind farmsDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
Sep-2013Pile Aging in Cohesive SoilsDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
1-Aug-2011Piles for offshore wind turbines: A state of the art reviewGavin, KennethIgoe, DavidDoherty, Paul
Jul-2011The Shaft Capacity of Displacement Piles in Clay: A State of the Art ReviewDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
Nov-2011Shaft Capacity of Open-Ended Piles in ClayDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
6-Sep-2012Soil properties at the UCD geotechnical research site at BlessingtonDoherty, PaulKirwan, LisaGavin, KennethIgoe, DavidTyrrell, ShaneWard, DarrenO'Kelly, Brendan C.
9-May-2010Statistical review of CPT data and implications for pile designDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth