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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-20203D printing of PEEK reactors for flow chemistry and continuous chemical processingHarding, Matthew J.Brady, SarahO'Connor, HeatherLopez-Rodriguez, RafaelEdwards, Matthew D.Tracy, SaoirseDowling, Denis P.Ferguson, Stevenet al.
15-Jun-2013Achieving enhanced DSSC performance by microwave plasma incorporation of carbon into TiO2 photoelectrodesDang, Binh H.Q.MacElroy, J. M. DonDowling, Denis P.
2016Antifouling coatings made with Cold Spray onto polymers: Process characterizationLupoi, R.Stenson, C.McDonnell, KevinDowling, Denis P.Ahearne, Eamonn
25-Jul-2011Application of a novel microwave plasma treatment for the sintering of nickel oxide coatings for use in dye-sensitized solar cellsAwais, MuhammadRahman, MahfujurMacElroy, J. M. DonDini, DaniloVos, Johannes G.Dowling, Denis P.
2011Atmospheric pressure plasma acoustic moment analysisLaw, Victor J.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Dowling, Denis P.
Jun-2012Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of amorphous polyethylene terephthalate for enhanced heatsealing propertiesDowling, Denis P.Tynan, J.Ward, al.
7-Apr-2017Can attenuated total internal reflection-fourier transform infrared be used to understand the interaction between polymers and water? A hyperspectral imaging studyMukherjee, SindhurajMartínez-González, J. A.Stallard, Charlie P.Dowling, Denis P.Gowen, Aoife
Mar-2019Characterisation of titanium oxide layers using Raman spectroscopy and optical profilometry: Influence of oxide propertiesEkoi, Emmanuel J.Gowen, AoifeDorrepaal, RonanDowling, Denis P.
22-Mar-2011A comparison between gas and atomised liquid precursor states in the deposition of functional coatings by pin corona plasmaHerbert, Peter Anthony FryO'Neill, LiamJaroszyńska-Wolińska, JustynaStallard, Charlie P.Dowling, AmsaraniDowling, Denis P.
Jan-2011Comparison between microwave and microwave plasma sintering of nickel powdersBreen, AidanTwomey, BarryByrne, GregDowling, Denis P.
15-Feb-2013Comparison between shot peening and abrasive blasting processes as deposition methods for hydroxyapatite coatings onto a titanium alloyByrne, GregO'Neill, LiamTwomey, BarryDowling, Denis P.
Jan-2020Comparison between the properties of polyamide 12 and glass bead filled polyamide 12 using the multi jet fusion printing processO'Connor, HeatherDowling, Denis P.
Oct-2011Comparison between the SBF response of hydroxyapatite coatings deposited using both a plasma-spray and a novel co-incident micro-blasting techniqueBarry, James N.Dowling, Denis P.
1-Sep-2010Comparison of thermal and microwave-assisted plasma sintering of nickel-diamond compositesTwomey, BarryBreen, AidanByrne, GregHynes, AlanDowling, Denis P.
25-Jul-2011Conversion of amorphous TiO2 coatings into their crystalline form using a novel microwave plasma treatmentDang, Binh H.Q.Rahman, MahfujurMacElroy, J. M. DonDowling, Denis P.
21-May-2018Converting a Microwave Oven into a Plasma Reactor: A ReviewLaw, Victor J.Dowling, Denis P.
Jun-2020Correlating in-situ process monitoring data with the reduction in load bearing capacity of selective laser melted Ti–6Al–4V porous biomaterialsEgan, Darragh S.Dowling, Denis P.
May-2010Deposition and characterization of NiOx coatings by magnetron sputtering for application in dye-sensitized solar cellsAwais, MuhammadRahman, MahfujurMacElroy, J. M. DonCoburn, NadiaDini, DaniloVos, Johannes G.Dowling, Denis P.
Jul-2011Deposition of nano and micron thick aligned fiber plasma polymerised coatings using an atmospheric plasma jet techniqueDowling, Denis P.Stallard, Charlie P.
6-Dec-2012Dye sensitised solar cells with nickel oxide photocathodes prepared via scalable microwave sinteringGibson, Elizabeth A.Awais, MuhammadDini, DaniloDowling, Denis P.Pryce, Mary T.Vos, Johannes G.Boschloo, GerritHagfeldt, Anders