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Aug-2011Application of a Modified NSGA Method for Multi-Objective Static Distributed Generation PlanningSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, Mehdi
Aug-2010A distribution network expansion planning model considering distributed generation options and techo-economical issuesSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, Mehdi
Apr-2011Efficient immune-GA method for DNOs in sizing and placement of distributed generation unitsSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, Mehdi
Jan-2011Hybrid immune-genetic algorithm method for benefit maximisation of distribution network operators and distributed generation owners in a deregulated environmentSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, MehdiCaire, RaphaëlHadjsaid, Nouredine
Jun-2013IGDT Based Robust Decision Making Tool for DNOs in Load Procurement Under Severe UncertaintySoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, Mehdi
2012Imperialist competition algorithm for distributed generation connectionsSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, Mehdi
Jan-2010Multi-objective planning model for integration of distributed generations in deregulated power systemsSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, Mehdi
17-Mar-2011Possibilistic evaluation of distributed generations impacts on distribution networksSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, MehdiCaire, RaphaëlHadjsaid, Nouredine
Jan-2011A possibilistic-probabilistic tool for evaluating the impact of stochastic renewable and controllable power generation on energy losses in distribution networks - A case studySoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, Mehdi
Jan-2011A practical eco-environmental distribution network planning model including fuel cells and non-renewable distributed energy resourcesSoroudi, AlirezaEhsan, MehdiZareipour, Hamidreza
Jan-2011A Probabilistic Modeling of Photo Voltaic Modules and Wind Power Generation Impact on Distribution NetworksSoroudi, AlirezaAien, MortezaEhsan, Mehdi