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2016Benefits of Scenario-based Learning in university educationElliott-Kingston, CarolineDoyle, Owen P. E.Hunter, Alan
15-Sep-2016Co-ordination in morphological leaf traits of early diverging angiosperms is maintained following exposure to experimental palaeoatmospheric conditions of sub-ambient O2 and elevated CO2Evans-FitzGerald, ChristianaPorter, Amanda S.Yiotis, CharilaosElliott-Kingston, CarolineMcElwain, Jennifer C.
2016Does size matter? Atmospheric CO2 may be a stronger driver of stomatal closing rate than stomatal size in taxa that diversified under low CO2Elliott-Kingston, CarolineHaworth, MatthewYearsley, Jonathan M.McElwain, Jennifer al.
22-Sep-2015How well do you know your growth chambers? Testing for chamber effect using plant traitsPorter, Amanda S.Evans-FitzGerald, ChristianaMcElwain, Jennifer C.Yiotis, CharilaosElliott-Kingston, Caroline
2016Introducing landscape design techniques to horticulture studentsHunter, AlanForrest, MaryElliott-Kingston, CarolineMurphy, L.
16-Jan-2020Plant responses to decadal scale increments in atmospheric CO2 concentration - comparing two stomatal conductance sampling methodsBatke, S. P.Yiotis, CharilaosElliott-Kingston, CarolineHolohan, Aidan DavidMcElwain, Jennifer C.
2016Teaching and assessment strategies for active student learning in university horticultural educationHunter, AlanElliott-Kingston, Caroline