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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jan-20171-b Observation for Direct-Learning-Based Digital Predistortion of RF Power AmplifiersWang, HaoyuLi, GangZhou, ChongbinZhu, Andinget al.
29-Aug-2011A 19S proteasomal subunit cooperates with an ERK MAPK-regulated degron to regulate accumulation of Fra-1 in tumour cellsPakay, J. L.Diesch, J.Gilan, al.
4-Sep-20162.7 Ga plume associated VMS mineralization in the Eastern Goldfields Superterrane: insights from the Ag-Zn-(Au) Nimbus depositHollis, Steven P.Mole, D.Gillespie, Paulet al.
Dec-20173D enamel thickness in Neandertal and modern human permanent caninesButi, LauraLe Cabec, AdelinePanetta, DanieleFeeney, Robin N. al.
24-May-2002Activation of the c-Jun NH2 terminal kinase (JNK) signaling pathway is essential during PBOX-6-induced apoptosis in chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cellsMc Gee, Margaret M.Campiani, GiuseppeRamunno, Annaet al.
21-Feb-2016Actively forming Kuroko-type VMS mineralization at Iheya North, Okinawa Trough, Japan: new geochemical, petrographic and δ34S isotope resultsYeats, ChristopherHollis, Steven P.LaFlamme, Crystalet al.
May-2017Ad hoc method for the assessment on listing and categorisation of animal diseases within the framework of the Animal Health LawEFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW)More, Simon JohnBøtner, AnetteButterworth, AndrewThulke, Hans-Hermannet al.
2010Addressing the Challenge of Defining Valid Proteomic Biomarkers and ClassifiersDakna, MohammedHarris, KeithKalousis, Alexandroset al.
2010Advances in mesenchymal stem cell-mediated gene therapy for cancerDwyer, Roisin M.Khan, SonjaBarry, Frank al.
24-Dec-2016Age and geochemistry of the Charlestown Group, Ireland: implications for the Grampian orogeny, its mineral potential and the Ordovician timescaleHerrington, Richard J.Hollis, Steven P.Cooper, Market al.
4-Nov-2015Age and Geochemistry of the Charlestown Group, Ireland: Implications for the Grampian-Taconic Orogeny and Regional Mineral PotentialHerrington, Richard J.Hollis, Steven P.Cooper, Market al.
Dec-2015Age-related Sexual Dimorphism in Temporal Discrimination and in Adult-onset Dystonia Suggests GABAergic MechanismsButler, John S.Beiser, Ines M.Williams, LauraMcGovern, EavanO'Riordan, SeanHutchinson, Michaelet al.
18-Apr-2019AgriBenchmark: Benchmarking Sustainable Nutrient Management on Irish Farms. EPA Research Report No.274Murphy, PaulThomas, IanBuckley, CathalKelly, Edelet al.
28-Sep-2016Agricultural anaerobic digestion power plants in Ireland and Germany: policy & practiceAuer, AgatheVande Burgt, Nathan H.Abram, FlorenceBarry, GeraldMarkey, B.K. (Bryan K.)De Waal, TheoGordon, Stephen V.Whyte, PaulZintl, Annettaet al.
Apr-2017AICAR ameliorates high-fat diet-associated pathophysiology in mouse and ex vivo models, independent of adiponectinBörgeson, EmmaWallenius, VilleSyed, Gulam H.Godson, Catherineet al.
Aug-2017Air Pollution Abatement Performances of Green Infrastructure in Open Road and Built-up Street Canyon Environments - A ReviewAbhijith, K. V.Kumar, PrashantGallagher, JohnPilla, Francescoet al.
25-Feb-2015Alcohol Screening Among Opioid Agonist Patients in a Primary Care Clinic and an Opioid Treatment ProgramKlimas, JanMuench, JohnWiest, Katharinaet al.
2016Alcohol Use among Persons on Methadone TreatmentKlimas, JanDong, HuiruDobrer, Sabinaet al.
1-Dec-2017Algorithmic governance: Developing a research agenda through the power of collective intelligenceDanaher, JohnHogan, Michael J.Noone, ChrisShankar, Kalpanaet al.
2009An all-island approach to mapping bovine tuberculosis in IrelandMcGrath, GuyAbernethy, D.Stringer, al.