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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-May-2012Analysis of Limit Cycles in a PI Digitally Controlled Buck ConverterBradley, MarkAlarcon, E.Feely, Orla
Jul-2012Bifurcation Scenarios in Electrostatic Vibration Energy HarvestersO'Riordan, EoghanHarte, PeterBlokhina, ElenaGalayko, DimitriFeely, Orla
May-2012Bifurcations and chaos in electrostatic vibration energy harvestersBlokhina, ElenaGalayko, DimitriWade, RhonaBasset, PhilippeFeely, Orla
10-Dec-2010Binary phase detector gain in bang-bang phase-locked loops with DCO jitterTertinek, StefanGleeson, JamesFeely, Orla
Nov-2015Capacitive Energy Conversion with Circuits Implementing a Rectangular Charge-Voltage Cycle Part 1: Analysis of the Electrical DomainGalayko, DimitriDudka, AndreyKarami, ArmineO'Riordan, EoghanBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaBasset, Philippe
Nov-2015Capacitive Energy Conversion with Circuits Implementing a Rectangular Charge-Voltage Cycle Part 2: Electromechanical and Nonlinear AnalysisO'Riordan, EoghanDudka, AndreyGalayko, DimitriBasset, PhilippeFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
24-May-2009Combined effect of loop delay and reference clock jitter in first-order digital bang-bang phase-locked loopsTertinek, StefanFeely, Orla
19-May-2013Combined mechanical and circuit nonlinearities in electrostatic vibration energy harvestersBlokhina, ElenaFournier-Prunaret, DanieleHarte, PeterGalayko, DimitriFeely, Orla
Aug-2010Control of MEMS vibration modes with Pulsed Digital Oscillators : Part I — theoryBlokhina, ElenaPons Nin, JoanRicart, JordiFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
Aug-2010Control of MEMS vibration modes with pulsed digital oscillators : part II — simulation and experimental resultsRicart, JordiPons Nin, JoanBlokhina, ElenaGorreta, SergiHernando, JorgeManzaneque, TomasSánchez-Rojas, José Luis‏Feely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
6-Feb-2012Dielectric charge control in electrostatic MEMS positioners / varactorsBlokhina, ElenaLopez, DavidGorreta, SergiMolinero, DavidFeely, OrlaPons Nin, JoanDominguez, Manuel
2011Discontinuous piecewise-linear discrete-time dynamics - maps with gaps in electronic sysemsFeely, Orla
29-Jun-2016Discrete-time modelling and experimental validation of an All-Digital PLL for clock-generating networksKoskin, EugeneBlokhina, ElenaShan, ChuanFeely, Orla
May-2009Dynamics of the MEMS pulsed digital oscillator with multiple delays in the feedback loopBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
Aug-2009Excitation of multiple spatial modes of a MEMS cantilever in the pulsed digital oscillatorBlokhina, ElenaFeely, OrlaDominguez, Manuel
Dec-2007Frequency quantization in first-order digital phase-locked loops with frequency-modulated inputTertinek, StefanTeplinsky, AlexeyFeely, Orla
Jun-2018Generation of a Clocking Signal in Synchronized All-Digital PLL NetworksKoskin, EugeneGalayko, DimitriFeely, OrlaBlokhina, Elena
16-Oct-2008Investigation of first-order digital bang-bang phase-locked loops with reference clock jitterTertinek, StefanFeely, Orla
Jan-2009A kicked oscillator as a model of a pulsed MEMS systemBlokhina, ElenaFeely, Orla
Aug-2011Limit Cycle Behavior in a Class-AB Second-Order Square Root Domain FilterDe La Cruz Blas, Carlos A.Feely, Orla