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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Analysing the impact of large-scale decentralized demand side response on frequency stabilityQazi, Hassan WajahatFlynn, Damian
Oct-2015Assessing Power System Flexibility for Variable Renewable Integration: A Flexibility Metric for Long-Term System PlanningLannoye, EamonnDaly, PádraigTuohy, AidanFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2012Assessment of power system flexibility: A high-level approachLannoye, EamonnFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
9-Dec-2015Calibration of a commercial building energy simulation model for demand response analysisChristantoni, DespoinaOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
15-Oct-2014Challenges in utilisation of demand side response for operating reserve provisionQazi, Hassan WajahatBurke, Daniel J.Flynn, Damian
5-Sep-2011Challenges posed by the integration of wave power onto the Irish power systemKavanagh, DavidKeane, AndrewFlynn, Damian
Oct-2012Controlled charging of electric vehicles in residential distribution networksO'Connell, AlisonFlynn, DamianRichardson, Peteret al.
2-Sep-2012Demand side management potential of domestic water heaters and space heatersQazi, Hassan WajahatFlynn, Damian
May-2011Demand side resource operation on the Irish power system with high wind power penetrationKeane, AndrewTuohy, AidanMeibom, PeterDenny, EleanorFlynn, DamianMullane, AlanO'Malley, Mark
4-Apr-2014Developing building archetypes for electrical load shifting assessment: Analysis of Irish residential stockNeu, OlivierSherlock, BrónaghOxizidis, SimeonFlynn, DamianFinn, Donal
10-Jun-2004Dynamic frequency control with increasing wind generationLalor, GillianRitchie, JuliaRourke, ShaneFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
2-Mar-2021Dynamic studies for 100% converter-based Irish power systemZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian
Sep-2017Efficient large-scale energy storage dispatch: challenges in future high renewables systemsO'Dwyer, CiaraRyan, L. (Lisa B.)Flynn, Damian
15-Oct-2014Emissions from cycling of thermal power plants in electricity systems with high penetration of wind power: Life cycle assessment for IrelandTurconi, R.O'Dwyer, CiaraFlynn, DamianAstrup, T.
26-Aug-2016Emulated Inertial Response from Wind Power: Ancillary Service Design and System Scheduling ConsiderationsDaly, PádraigRuttledge, LisaPower, MichaelFlynn, Damian
15-Nov-2012Emulated Inertial Response from Wind Turbines: The Case for Bespoke Power System OptimisationRuttledge, LisaFlynn, Damian
May-2012Evaluation of Power System FlexibilityLannoye, EamonnFlynn, DamianO'Malley, Mark
Jul-2010Evolution of operating reserve determination in wind power integration studiesEla, ErikKirby, BrendanLannoye, EamonnMilligan, Michael R.Flynn, DamianZavadil, BobO'Malley, Mark
13-Nov-2014Flexible storage operation in a market environmentO'Dwyer, CiaraFlynn, Damian
12-Nov-2020Freezing Grid-Forming Converter Virtual Angular Speed to Enhance Transient Stability Under Current Reference LimitingZhao, XianxianFlynn, Damian