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21-Sep-2015Best single slice location to measure visceral adipose tissue on paediatric CT scans and the relations between anthropometric measurements, gender and VAT volume in childrenO'Connor, MichelleRyan, JohnFoley, Shane J.
19-Jul-2020Cohort profile: BIOVASC-late, a prospective multicentred study of imaging and blood biomarkers of carotid plaque inflammation and risk of late vascular recurrence after non-severe stroke in IrelandMcCabe, JohnGiannotti, NicolaMcNulty, Jonathan P.Foley, Shane al.
Oct-2007Development of a synthetic phantom for the selection of optimal scanning parameters in CAD-CT colonographyChowdhury, Tarik A.Whelan, Paul F.Ghita, OvidiuSezille, NcolasFoley, Shane J.
25-Sep-2020Early experiences of radiographers in Ireland during the COVID-19 crisisFoley, Shane J.O'Loughlin, AnneCreedon, Jill
Jan-2007Effect of Directed Training on Reader Performance for CT Colonography: Multicenter studyEuropean Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology CT Colongraphy Study Group InvestigatorsFenlon, Helen M.Foley, Shane al.
Sep-2013The establishment of computed tomography diagnostic reference levels in PortugalSantos, JoanaFoley, Shane J.Paulo, GracianoMcEntee, Mark F.Rainford, Louise A.
Oct-2012Establishment of CT diagnostic reference levels in IrelandFoley, Shane J.McEntee, Mark F.Rainford, Louise A.
2-Dec-2014Establishment of diagnostic reference levels for CT trunk examinations in the Western region of Saudi ArabiaQurashi, Abdulaziz A.Rainford, Louise A.Foley, Shane J.
Aug-2013An evaluation of in-plane shields during thoracic CTFoley, Shane J.McEntee, Mark F.Rainford, Louise A.
16-May-2018High-resolution MRI (HR-MRI) of atherosclerotic plaque in symptomatic carotid stenosis – relationship with risk factors, treatment, and CT angiographic featuresGiannotti, NicolaMcNulty, Jonathan P.Barry, MaryCrowe, MorganFoley, Shane J.Kavanagh, EoinMarnane, MichaelO’Donohoe, MartinKelly, Peteret al.
4-Dec-2014Paediatric CT optimisation utilising Catphan® 600 and age-specific anthropomorphic phantomsSantos, JoanaCarmo Batista, Maria doFoley, Shane J.Rainford, Louise al.
Oct-2013A questionnaire survey reviewing radiologists and clinical specialist radiographers knowledge of CT exposure parametersFoley, Shane J.Evanoff, M. G.Rainford, Louise A.
20-Sep-2018Radiation Protection No. 185 European Guidelines on Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric ImagingBosmans, HildeDamilakis, JohnDucou le Pointe, HubertFoley, Shane al.
26-Feb-2015A review of cross sectional imaging, ultrasound & nuclear medicine utilisation patterns in paediatric patients in Ireland, 2003-12O'Connor, MichelleRyan, JohnFoley, Shane J.
17-Jan-2020A Risk Score Including Carotid Plaque Inflammation and Stenosis Severity Improves Identification of Recurrent StrokeKelly, PeterCamps-Renom, PolGiannotti, NicolaMcNulty, Jonathan P.Barry, MaryFoley, Shane J.Horgan, GillianKavanagh, EoinMarnane, MichaelMcCabe, JohnMcDonnell, CiaranO'Connell, MartinMurphy, S. (Sean)et al.
Mar-2019Variability of Breast Density Classification Between US and UK RadiologistsAlomaim, WijdanO'Leary, DesireeRyan, JohnRainford, LouiseEvanoff, MichaelFoley, Shane J.