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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2008Axial resistance of CFA piles in Dublin boulder clayGavin, KennethCadogan, DavidTwomey, Lloyd
30-Apr-2014Bridge scour monitoring using accelerometers placed on bridge piers - a numerical investigationPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, Kenneth
Dec-2011Case study of a project-based learning course in civil engineering designGavin, Kenneth
Feb-2016A comparison of initial stiffness formulations for small-strain soil-pile dynamic Winkler modellingPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, Kenneth
Aug-2012Cyclic and Rapid Axial Load Tests on Displacement Piles in Soft ClayDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
Jan-2010Design charts for the stability analysis of unsaturated soil slopesGavin, KennethXue, Jianfeng
17-Feb-2010Design of the curriculum for a second-cycle course in civil engineering in the context of the Bologna frameworkGavin, Kenneth
13-Mar-2014Design Tools Available For Monopile EngineeringDoherty, PaulPrendergast, Luke J.Murphy, GerryGavin, Kenneth
Jan-2010The Development and Testing of an Instrumented Open-Ended Model PileIgoe, DavidDoherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
2015Development of a Vehicle-Bridge-Soil Dynamic Interaction Model for Scour Damage ModellingPrendergast, Luke J.Hester, DavidGavin, Kenneth
14-May-2014Dynamic soil-structure interaction modeling using stiffness derived from in-situ Cone Penetration TestsPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethIgoe, David
Apr-2008Effect of rainfall intensity on infiltration into partly saturated slopesXue, JianfengGavin, Kenneth
29-Aug-2014The effect of scour on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbinePrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethDoherty, Paul
21-Nov-2013The effect of variations in soil stiffness on the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbinePrendergast, Luke J.Doherty, PaulGavin, Kenneth
30-Aug-2016Effect of vehicle velocity on exciting the lateral dynamic response of two-span integral bridgesPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethHester, David
Jun-2015Estimation of spudcan penetration using a probabilistic Eulerian finite element analysisFallah, SogolGavin, KennethMoradabadi, Ehsan
1-Feb-2010Field investigation of base resistance of pipe piles in clayDoherty, PaulGavin, KennethGallagher, David
Jul-2010Field investigation of the effect of installation method on the shaft resistance of piles in clayGavin, KennethGallagher, DavidDoherty, PaulMcCabe, Bryan
Oct-2009A field investigation of vertical footing response on sandGavin, KennethAdekunte, AbidemiO'Kelly, Brendan C.
Mar-2011The Geotechnical Challenges Facing the Offshore Wind SectorDoherty, PaulGavin, KennethCasey, Bernard