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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015Analysis and optimization of sandwich tubes energy absorbers under lateral loadingBaroutaji, A.; Gilchrist, M. D.; Smyth, D.; Olabi, A. G.
26-Dec-2006Analysis of fibre orientation effects on injection moulded componentsO'Dowd, F.; Lévesque, M.; Gilchrist, M. D.
27-May-1997Analysis of Rayleigh-Lamb wave scattering by a crack in an elastic plateCrane, L. J.; Gilchrist, M. D.; Miller, J. J. H.
14-Mar-2012Analysis of the influence of independent variables used for reconstruction of a traumatic brain injury incidentPost, Andrew; Hoshizaki, Thomas Blaine; Gilchrist, M. D.; et al.
May-2011Animal models of traumatic brain injury : a critical evaluationO'Connor, William; Smyth, Aoife; Gilchrist, M. D.
Dec-2010Applying DTI white matter orientations to finite element head models to examine diffuse TBI under high rotational accelerationsColgan, Niall C.; Gilchrist, M. D.; Curran, Kathleen M.
16-Sep-2016The Association among Injury Metrics for Different Events in Ice Hockey Goaltender ImpactClark, J. Michio; Post, Andrew; Hoshizaki, Thomas Blaine; Gilchrist, M. D.
1999Attenuation Of Ultrasonic Rayleigh-Lamb Waves By A Symmetrical Embedded Crack In An Elastic PlateGilchrist, M. D.
Apr-1999Attenuation of ultrasonic Rayleigh–Lamb waves by small horizontal defects in thin aluminium platesGilchrist, M. D.
Aug-2012Automated Estimation of Collagen Fibre Dispersion in the Dermis and its Contribution to the Anisotropic Behaviour of SkinNí Annaidh, Aisling; Bruyère, Karine; Destrade, Michel; Gilchrist, M. D.; et al.
28-Apr-2010Automated hexahedral mesh generation of complex biological objects. Dedicated to the memory of Professor K. Bertram Broberg, colleague and friendCanton, Barry; Gilchrist, M. D.
27-Sep-2012Bulk Metallic Glass Multiscale Tooling for Molding of Polymers with Micro to Nano Features : A ReviewBrowne, David J.; Stratton, Dermot; Gilchrist, M. D.; Byrne, Cormac J.
2011Ceremonial or deadly serious? New insight into the function of irish early bronze age halberdsO'Flaherty, Ronan; Gilchrist, M. D.; Cowie, Trevor
2013Characterization of Micro Injection Molding Process for the Replication of Micro/Nano Features Using Bulk Metallic Glass InsertZhang, Nan; Browne, David J.; Gilchrist, M. D.
2-Aug-2013Characterization of microinjection molding process for milligram polymer micropartsZhang, Nan; Gilchrist, M. D.
Jan-2015Characterization of persistent concussive syndrome using injury reconstruction and finite element modellingPost, Andrew; Kendall, Marshall; Koncan, David; Cournoyer, Janie; Gilchrist, M. D.; et al.
Jan-2012Characterization of the anisotropic mechanical properties of excised human skinNí Annaidh, Aisling; Bruyère, Karine; Destrade, Michel; Gilchrist, M. D.; Otténio, Mélaine
Sep-2012Characterization of thermo-rheological behavior of polymer melts during the micro injection moulding processZhang, Nan; Gilchrist, M. D.
Oct-2009Comparative multibody dynamics analysis of falls from playground climbing framesForero Rueda, Manuel A.; Gilchrist, M. D.
2012A Comparison of dynamic impact response and brain deformation metrics within the cerebrum of head impact reconstructions representing three mechanisms of head injury in ice hockeyKendall, Marshall; Post, Andrew; Gilchrist, M. D.