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Mar-2006Analysis of Irish third-level college applications dataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Aug-2011Clustering Ordinal Data via Latent Variable ModelsMcParland, DamienGormley, Isobel Claire
Jan-2010Clustering ranked preference data using sociodemographic covariatesGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jun-2014Clustering South African households based on their asset status using latent variable modelsMcParland, DamienGormley, Isobel ClaireMcCormick, Tyler al.
Jan-2016Clustering with the multivariate normal inverse Gaussian distributionO'Hagan, AdrianMurphy, Thomas BrendanGormley, Isobel Claireet al.
4-Apr-2019Combining biomarker and self-reported dietary intake data: a review of the state of the art and an exposition of conceptsGormley, Isobel ClaireBai, YuxinBrennan, Lorraine
Dec-2012Computational Aspects of Fitting Mixture Models via the Expectation-Maximization AlgorithmO'Hagan, AdrianMurphy, Thomas BrendanGormley, Isobel Claire
Nov-2014A dynamic probabilistic principal components model for the analysis of longitudinal metabolomics dataNyamundanda, GiftGormley, Isobel ClaireBrennan, Lorraine
Sep-2008Exploring Voting Blocs Within the Irish Electorate: A Mixture Modeling ApproachGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jun-2009A grade of membership model for rank dataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
21-Nov-2013MetSizeR: selecting the optimal sample size for metabolomic studies using an analysis based approachNyamundanda, GiftGormley, Isobel ClaireFan, YueGallagher, William M.Brennan, Lorraine
Dec-2014Mixed membership models for rank data: Investigating structure in Irish voting dataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
May-2010A Mixture of Experts Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Network DataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Dec-2008A mixture of experts model for rank data with applications in election studiesGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Apr-2011Mixture of experts modelling with social science applicationsGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
21-Jun-2018Mixtures of Experts ModelsGormley, Isobel ClaireFr├╝hwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia
Jun-2016Model Based Clustering for Mixed Data: clustMDMcParland, DamienGormley, Isobel Claire
23-Nov-2010Probabilistic principal component analysis for metabolomic dataNyamundanda, GiftBrennan, LorraineGormley, Isobel Claire