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Jul-1996Aerosol dispersal of cattle slurry on holdings restricted due to bovine tuberculosisHahesy, TomScanlon, M.Carton, Owen T.Quinn, P. JoeCuddihy, A.
Feb-1992Analysis of epidemiology reports on 3957 herd breakdowns in ten DVO regions during 1987-90Griffin, John M.Hahesy, Tom
Dec-2003Brucellosis (contagious abortion) in cattle: 1989 – 2002Hammond, Robert F.Griffin, John M.Sheahan, MichaelMaher, PeterO'Hagan, GarryHahesy, Tom
Mar-1993Cattle manure and the spread of bovine tuberculosisHahesy, TomScanlon, M.Carton, Owen T.Quinn, P. JoeLenehan, James J.
Feb-1992Cattle manure and the spread of bovine tuberculosisHahesy, TomScanlon, M.Carton, Owen T.Quinn, P. JoeLenehan, James J.
Jul-1996Controlling badger movement onto farms with electrified wire fencingHahesy, Tom
Nov-1990First reportPowell, W. JohnHahesy, TomHammond, Robert F.Dolan, Leonard A.Lynch, KevinChristiansen, Kathryn H.Griffin, John M.Collins, John D.Crilly, Jim
Sep-1998The influence of cattle feed/water trough height in preventing access to badgersHahesy, TomHammond, Robert F.Sleeman, D. Paddy
Feb-1992An investigation of a possible association between the occurrence of bovine tuberculosis and weather variablesHahesy, TomKelleher, D. L.Doherty, J.
Sep-1998The management of animal effluents on brucellosis affected farmsHahesy, Tom
Sep-1999The presence of brucella abortus in cattle slurry: measures to minimise the risk of transmitting brucellosis when land-spreading slurryHahesy, TomHeneghan, Terry
Jul-1996The prevalence of tuberculosis in herds reconstituted following a depopulationHahesy, TomGriffin, John M.Collins, John D.
Feb-1992The role of farm management practices and environmental factors in chronic tuberculosisGriffin, John M.Hahesy, TomLynch, Kevin
Sep-1997The role of pre-movement testing in the identification of tuberculin reactor cattleHahesy, TomO'Keeffe, JamesCollins, John D.
Feb-1992Study of herds depopulated due to tuberculosisHahesy, TomGriffin, John M.Dolan, Leonard A.
Sep-1997A survey of temperatures in cattle manure recorded on five farms in Co. DublinHahesy, Tom
Jun-2002The treatment of cattle slurry at farm level to inactivate brucella abortusHahesy, TomSheahan, Michael
Oct-2000The treatment of cattle slurry on farms with brucella abortus infected herdsHahesy, TomHeneghan, Terry
Mar-1993The use of electric fencing to control badger movementHahesy, TomSleeman, D. PaddyTwomey, N.
Jul-1994The use of wire fencing to control badger movement - an updateHahesy, TomSleeman, D. PaddyTwomey, N.