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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2003Analysis of epidemiology reports on selected herd breakdowns of tuberculosis 1994-1998O'Keeffe, JamesHiggins, Isabella M.
Sep-1999Assessment of the 1998 tuberculosis eradication programme: a comparison of the out-turn for years, 1989 – 1997Towey, KieranCollins, John D.
Jul-1994An assessment of the potential of global positioning systems technology for mapping farm national grid co-ordinatesHammond, Robert F.
Oct-2000Associate members and their District Veterinary Offices, or other locations
Jun-2002Associate members and their district veterinary offices, or other locations
Sep-1999Associate members and their District Veterinary Offices, or other, locations
Dec-2003Associate members locations
Jun-2002Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summaries, 2000 and 2001
Sep-1999Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summary, 1998
Oct-2000Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summary, 1999
Dec-2003Bovine tuberculosis statistics: annual summary, 2002
Dec-2003Brucellosis (contagious abortion) in cattle: 1989 – 2002Hammond, Robert F.Griffin, John M.Sheahan, MichaelMaher, PeterO'Hagan, GarryHahesy, Tom
Jul-1994A case-control study on the association of selected risk factors with the occurrence of bovine tuberculosis within selected areas in the Republic of IrelandGriffin, John M.Martin, S. WayneThorburn, Meg A.Eves, John A.Hammond, Robert F.
Oct-2000A comparative assessment of serological assays used for the diagnosis of brucellosis in cattleTowey, KieranGriffin, John M.Williams, DavidSheahan, MichaelHeneghan, Terry
Oct-2000A compartmental model for the within-herd spread of M. bovis in Irish cattle herdsGriffin, John M.Williams, David
Oct-2000Confirmed tuberculous lesions in non-tuberculin reactor cattle slaughtered at export meat plants in the Republic of Ireland, 1988 to 1999Lenehan, B.Dolan, Leonard A.Quigley, Frances
Sep-1999Confirmed tuberculous lesions in non-tuberculin-reactor cattle slaughtered at export meat plants in the Republic of Ireland, 1988 to 1998Costello, EamonDolan, Leonard A.Quigley, Frances
Oct-2000Current Research at the Badger Vaccine Research LaboratoryGormley, EamonnSouthey, Angela
Oct-2000A density analysis of the distribution of standard reactors and visible lesions in Irish herds: a focused approach to visualising the location of bovine tuberculosis infectionsHammond, Robert F.
Jun-2002Density maps highlight areas with chronic bovine tuberculosis and enable targeting of resources to eradicate diseaseO'Keeffe, JamesHammond, Robert F.McGrath, Guy