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8-Jul-2016Applying Haddon’s matrix to bovine injury prevention: An example using white line diseaseMessam, Locksley L. McV.O'Grady, LukeHanlon, AlisonSomers, Joris
2011Aspects of the owning/keeping and disposal of horses, and how these relate to equine health/welfare in IrelandCollins, Joseph A.Hanlon, AlisonMore, Simon Johnet al.
Jun-2010Challenges and solutions to support good equine welfare practice in IrelandCollins, Joseph A.Hanlon, AlisonMore, Simon JohnWall, Patrick G.Duggan, Vivienne
21-Jun-2018Challenges and Solutions to Supporting Farm Animal Welfare in Ireland: Responding to the Human ElementDevitt, CatherineHanlon, AlisonMore, Simon JohnKelly, Patricia C.Blake, Martin
Sep-2016Current and future ethical challenges facing the veterinary profession in IrelandMagalhães-Sant'Ana, ManuelMore, Simon JohnMorton, DavidOsborne, MetaHanlon, Alison
6-Feb-2014Dilemmas experienced by government veterinarians when responding professionally to farm animal welfare incidents in IrelandDevitt, CatherineKelly, Paddy T.Blake, MartinHanlon, AlisonMore, Simon John
4-Jul-2019Sheep are sentient, but not identicalHanlon, Alison
2008The structure and regulation of the Irish equine industries: Links to considerations of equine welfareCollins, Joseph A.Hanlon, AlisonMore, Simon Johnet al.