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Jan-2012ELM--the database of eukaryotic linear motifsDinkel, HolgerMichael, SushamaWeatheritt, Robert J.Davey, Norman E.Van Roey, KimAltenberg, BrigitteToedt, GrischaUyar, BoraSeiler, MarkusBudd, AidanJödicke, LisaDammert, Marcel A.Schroeter, ChristianHammer, MariaSchmidt, TobiasJehl, PeterMcGuigan, CarolineDymecka, MagdalenaChica, ClaudiaLuck, KatjaVia, AllegraChatr-aryamontri, AndrewHaslam, Niall J.Grebnev, GlebEdwards, Richard J.Steinmetz, Michel O.Meiselbach, HeikeDiella, FrancescaGibson, Toby J.
Jun-2008Optimal Probe Length Varies for Targets with High Sequence Variation: Implications for Probe Library Design for Resequencing Highly Variable GenesHaslam, Niall J.Whiteford, Nava E.Weber, GeraldPrügel-Bennett, AdamEssex, Jonathan W.Neylon, Cameron
1-May-2013PeptideLocator: prediction of bioactive peptides in protein sequencesMooney, CatherineHaslam, Niall J.Holton, Thérèse A.Pollastri, GianlucaShields, Denis C.
6-Jan-2012Prediction of short linear protein binding regionsMooney, CatherinePollastri, GianlucaShields, Denis C.Haslam, Niall J.
18-May-2012Profile-based short linear protein motif discoveryHaslam, Niall J.Shields, Denis C.
Jul-2010SLiMFinder : a web server to find novel, significantly over-represented, short protein motifsDavey, Norman E.Haslam, Niall J.Shields, Denis C.Edwards, Richard J.
26-May-2011SLiMSearch 2.0 : biological context for short linear motifs in proteinsDavey, Norman E.Haslam, Niall J.Shields, Denis C.Edwards, Richard J.
2010SLiMSearch : a webserver for finding novel occurrences of short linear motifs in proteins, incorporating sequence contextDavey, Norman E.Haslam, Niall J.Shields, Denis C.Edwards, Richard J.
Oct-2012Towards the Improved Discovery and Design of Functional Peptides: Common Features of Diverse Classes Permit Generalized Prediction of BioactivityMooney, CatherineHaslam, Niall J.Pollastri, GianlucaShields, Denis C.