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15-Dec-2008The american high school graduation rate : trends and levelsHeckman, James J.; LaFontaine, Paul A.
Jan-2007Early childhood intervention : rationale, timing, and efficacyDoyle, Orla; Tremblay, Richard Ernest; Harmon, Colm; Heckman, James J.
15-Dec-2008Earnings functions and rates of returnHeckman, James J.; Lochner, Lance; Todd, Petra
15-Dec-2008Econometric causalityHeckman, James J.
9-Mar-2009The economics and psychology of inequality and human developmentCunha, Flavio; Heckman, James J.
15-Dec-2008The economics and psychology of personality traitsBorghans, L.; Duckworth, Angela Lee; Heckman, James J.; Ter Weel, Bas
9-Mar-2009Gender differences in risk aversion and ambiguityBorghans, L.; Golsteyn, Bart; Heckman, James J.; Meijers, Huub
16-Jul-2007The identification & economic content of ordered choice models with stochastic thresholdsCunha, Flavio; Heckman, James J.; Navarro, Salvador
15-Dec-2008Identification of treatment effects using control functions in models with continuous, endogenous treatment and heterogeneous effectsFlorens, J. P.; Heckman, James J.; Meghir, C.; Vytlacil, Edward
15-Dec-2008Instrumental variables in models with multiple outcomes : the general unordered caseHeckman, James J.; Urzua, Sergio; Vytlacil, Edward
Aug-2013Measuring Investment in Human Capital Formation: An Experimental Analysis of Early Life OutcomesDoyle, Orla; Harmon, Colm; Heckman, James J.; Logue, Caitriona; Moon, Seong Hyeok
15-Dec-2008Schools, skills, and synapsesHeckman, James J.
15-Dec-2008Taking the easy way out : how the GED testing program induces students to drop outHeckman, James J.; LaFontaine, Paul A.; Rodriguez, Pedro L.
9-Mar-2009The viability of the welfare stateHeckman, James J.