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Mar-2014Analysis of bed agglomeration during gasification of wheat straw in a bubbling fluidised bed gasifier using mullite as bed materialMac an Bhaird, Seán T.Walsh, EilínHemmingway, PhilMcDonnell, Kevinet al.
May-2015Bubbling fluidised bed gasification of wheat straw-gasifier performance using mullite as bed materialMac an Bhaird, Seán T.Hemmingway, PhilWalsh, EilínMcDonnell, Kevinet al.
Mar-2014Design and development of a low-cost divided bar apparatusMcGuinness, TurloughHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
1-Aug-2012Design and development of a low-cost thermal response rigHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
2011Developing Geothermal Energy Research Capabilities at University College DublinHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
Mar-2011Energy Foundations - Potential for IrelandHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
5-Sep-2013Energy piles: site investigation and analysisHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
Jul-2011Geothermal energy : settlement and water chemistry in Cork, IrelandHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
4-Sep-2011Geothermal energy in small countries - laying the foundations for innovative developmentHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
Sep-2012Interpretation of In Situ and Laboratory Thermal Measurements Resulting in Accurate Thermogeological CharacterisationHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)
Apr-2013Monitoring environmental parameters in poultry production facilitiesCorkery, GerardWard, ShaneKenny, ColumHemmingway, Phil
Aug-2013Numerical and finite element analysis of heat transfer in a closed loop geothermal systemHemmingway, PhilTolooiyan, Ali
Dec-2014A preliminary study of the effect of groundwater flow on the thermal front created by borehole heat exchangersTolooiyan, AliHemmingway, Phil
19-Mar-2012Thermal response testing of compromised borehole heat exchangersHemmingway, PhilLong, Michael (Michael M.)