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15-Nov-2008Additional sampling criterion for the linear canonical transformHealy, John J.Hennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.
1-Jul-2011Digital computation of the complex linear canonical transformLiu, ChanggengWang, DayongHealy, John J.Hennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.Kim, Myung K.
1-May-2005Fast numerical algorithm for the linear canonical transformHennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.
1-Dec-2006Generalized Yamaguchi correlation factor for coherent quadratic phase speckle metrology systems with an apertureKelly, Damien P.Ward, Jennifer E.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanHennelly, Bryan M.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
1-May-2005Generalizing, optimizing, and inventing numerical algorithms for the fractional Fourier, Fresnel, and linear canonical transformsHennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.
10-May-2005Magnitude and direction of motion with speckle correlation and the optical fractional Fourier transformKelly, Damien P.Hennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.
1-Jun-2003Motion detection, the Wigner distribution function, and the optical fractional Fourier transformSheridan, John T.Hennelly, Bryan M.Kelly, Damien P.
15-Feb-2003Optical image encryption by random shifting in fractional Fourier domainsHennelly, Bryan M.Sheridan, John T.
16-Oct-2005Optical wave propagation simulation, Wigner phase-space diagrams, and wave energy confinementRhodes, William T.Sheridan, John T.Hennelly, Bryan M.
1-Nov-2006Paraxial speckle-based metrology systems with an apertureKelly, Damien P.Ward, Jennifer E.Hennelly, Bryan M.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanO'Neill, Feidhlim T.Sheridan, John T.
1-Jan-2006Speckle photography : mixed domain fractional Fourier motion detectionPatten, RobertHennelly, Bryan M.Kelly, Damien P.O'Neill, Feidhlim T.Liu, YingSheridan, John T.
1-May-2007Spread-space spread-spectrum technique for secure multiplexingHennelly, Bryan M.Naughton, Thomas J.McDonald, John B.Sheridan, John T.Gopinathan, UnnikrishnanKelly, Damien P.Javidi, Bahram
1-Mar-2004Wavelength-controlled variable-order optical fractional Fourier transformHennelly, Bryan M.Kelly, Damien P.Sheridan, John T.