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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014Actually in the cinema: A field study comparing real 3D and 2D movie patrons' attention, emotion and film satisfactionRooney, BrendanHennessy, Eilis
Jun-2011Adolescents' beliefs about sources of help for ADHD and depressionSwords, LorraineHennessy, EilisHeary, Caroline
30-Aug-2014Adolescents׳ perceptions of peers with depression: An attributional analysisDolphin, LouiseHennessy, Eilis
Sep-2012The apparent reality of movies and emotional arousal: A study using physiological and self-report measuresRooney, BrendanBenson, CiaránHennessy, Eilis
8-Apr-2019Be good, know the rules’: Children’s perspectives on starting school and self-regulationBooth, AilbheO'Farrelly, ChristineHennessy, EilisDoyle, Orla
1-Dec-2013'Big, strong and healthy': Young children's identification of food and drink that contribute to healthy growthTatlow-Golden, MimiHennessy, EilisDean, MoiraHollywood, Lynsey
7-Jul-2022A blueprint for providing resources to parents of adolescents who self-harmHennessy, EilisGaynor, KeithNearchou, FinikiFrench, AineRaftery, SineadDolan, EmmaO'Dwyer, Brid
Aug-2013Bridging the gap between theory and practice in creativity educationHennessy, EilisGibney, AmandaFarrell, Lynn
Jan-2014Childhood interventions to reduce stigma towards peers with disabilities and chronic health conditions: a systematic reviewHennessy, EilisSilke, C.Stokes, DiarmuidHeary, CarolineSwords, Lorraine
Nov-1999Children as service evaluatorsHennessy, Eilis
Jan-2008Children's understanding of psychological problems displayed by their peers : a review of the literatureHennessy, EilisSwords, LorraineHeary, Caroline
Sep-2017Chronic Illness Stigma and Well-Being in Youth: The Mediating Role of SupportNearchou, FinikiCampbel, AmeliaDuffy, KatieFehily, MiriamRyan, HollyHennessy, Eilis
May-2013A Comparison of Saliva Collection Methods With Preschool Children: The perspectives of Children, Parents, and Childcare PractitionersO'Farrelly, ChristineHennessy, Eilis
16-Jul-2012Considering the realities of salivary research with young children: What's spit all about?Hennessy, EilisO'Farrelly, Christine
Feb-2009The development of children's understanding of common psychological problemsHennessy, EilisHeary, Caroline
May-2011Development of the Children's Attributions about Psychological Problems in their Peers (CAPPP) ScaleSwords, LorraineHennessy, EilisHeary, Caroline
Apr-2010The effects of electrical muscle stimulation training in a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease population – a pilot studyHennessy, EilisCoughlan, GarrettCaulfield, BrianCrowe, LouisPerumal, Shakila DeviMcDonnell, Tim J.
Oct-2012Explicit and implicit stigma towards peers with mental health problems in childhood and adolescenceO'Driscoll, ClaireHeary, CarolineHennessy, EilisMcKeague, Lynn
Jul-2017An exploration of mental health literacy in relation to depression in secondary school pupilsDoyle, ErickaO'Sullivan, ShaunaghNearchou, FinikiHennessy, Eilis
Sep-2011Factors associated with acceptance of peers with mental health problems in childhood and adolescenceSwords, LorraineHeary, CarolineHennessy, Eilis