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Dec-2010A Complete Analysis of HA and NA Genes of Influenza A VirusesShi, WeifengLei, FuminZhu, ChaodongSievers, FabianHiggins, Desmond G
11-Oct-2011Fast, scalable generation of high-quality protein multiple sequence alignments using Clustal OmegaSievers, FabianWilm, AndreasDineen, DavidHiggins, Desmond Get al.
30-Sep-2014Genes and signaling networks regulated during zebrafish optic vesicle morphogenesisYin, JunMorrissey, MariaShine, LisaKennedy, CiaránHiggins, Desmond GKennedy, Breandán
Feb-2014GSK3 inhibitors regulate MYCN mRNA levels and reduce neuroblastoma cell viability through multiple mechanisms including p53 and Wnt signallingDuffy, David J.Krstic, AleksandarSchwarzl, ThomasHiggins, Desmond GKolch, Walter
2016The impact of guide trees in large-scale protein multiple sequence alignmentsBoyce, Kieran
26-Dec-2012Inhibition of the Pim1 Oncogene Results in Diminished Visual FunctionYin, JunShine, LisaRaycroft, FrancisDeeti, SudhakarReynolds, AlisonGlaviano, AntoninoO'Farrell, SeanO'Leary, OliviaKilty, ClaireKennedy, CiaránMcLoughlin, SarahRice, MeganRussell, EileenHiggins, Desmond GKennedy, Breandánet al.
9-Oct-2015Instability in progressive multiple sequence alignment algorithmsBoyce, KieranSievers, FabianHiggins, Desmond G
12-Mar-2019An Integrated Global Analysis of Compartmentalized HRAS SignalingSantra, TapeshHerrero, AnaRodriguez, JavierKriegsheim, Alexander vonIglesias-Martinez, Luis F.Schwarz, ThomasHiggins, Desmond GMatallanas, DavidKolch, Walteret al.
11-Dec-2015Integrative omics reveals MYCN as a global suppressor of cellular signalling and enables network-based therapeutic target discovery in neuroblastomaDuffy, David J.Krstic, AleksandarHalasz, MelindaSchwarzl, ThomasFey, DirkMehta, Jai PrakashKillick, KateTurriziani, BenedettaHiggins, Desmond GKolch, Walteret al.
21-Feb-2013Making automated multiple alignments of very large numbers of protein sequencesSievers, FabianDineen, DavidWilm, AndreasHiggins, Desmond G
25-Aug-2015OD-seq: outlier detection in multiple sequence alignmentsJehl, PeterSievers, FabianHiggins, Desmond G
14-May-2010Sequence embedding for fast construction of guide trees for multiple sequence alignmentBlackshields, GordonSievers, FabianShi, WeifengWilm, AndreasHiggins, Desmond G
4-Oct-2014Systematic exploration of guide-tree topology effects for small protein alignmentsSievers, FabianHughes, GrahamHiggins, Desmond G
11-Aug-2016Wnt signalling is a bi-directional vulnerability of cancer cellsDuffy, David J.Krstic, AleksandarSchwarzl, ThomasHalasz, MelindaFey, DirkHaley, BridgetWhilde, JennyHiggins, Desmond GKolch, Walter