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Dec-2015Age-related Sexual Dimorphism in Temporal Discrimination and in Adult-onset Dystonia Suggests GABAergic MechanismsButler, John S.Beiser, Ines M.Williams, LauraMcGovern, EavanO'Riordan, SeanHutchinson, Michaelet al.
28-Apr-2014Cervical dystonia: A disorder of the midbrain network for covert attentional orientingHutchinson, MichaelIsa, TadashiMolloy, AnnaKimmich, OkkaWilliams, LauraO'Riordan, Seanet al.
Jan-2016Correlates of abnormal sensory discrimination in laryngeal dystoniaTermsarasab, PichetRamdhani, Ritesh A.Battistella, GiovanniHutchinson, Michaelet al.
4-Aug-2009Dementia in SPG4 hereditary spastic paraplegia : Clinical, genetic, and neuropathologic evidenceMurphy, S. (Sean)Gorman, B.Beetz, C.Byrne, P.Dytko, MalgorzataMcMonagle, P.Kinsella, K.Hutchinson, Michael
Jul-2014A Headset Method for Measuring the Visual Temporal Discrimination Threshold in Cervical DystoniaMolloy, AnnaKimmich, OkkaWilliams, LauraO'Riordan, SeanHutchinson, Michaelet al.
19-May-2016Long-term effects of delayed-release dimethyl fumarate in multiple sclerosis: Interim analysis of ENDORSE, a randomized extension studyGold, RalfArnold, Douglas L.Bar-Or, AmitHutchinson, Michaelet al.
Jul-2015Young Women do it Better: Sexual Dimorphism in Temporal DiscriminationWilliams, LauraButler, John S.Molloy, AnnaMcGovern, EavanBeiser, Ines M.Kimmich, OkkaO'Riordan, SeanHutchinson, Michaelet al.