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Dec-2014Analyzing the impact of electricity price forecasting on energy cost-aware schedulingGrimes, DiarmuidIfrim, GeorgianaO'Sullivan, BarrySimonis, Helmut
16-Sep-2019Background Knowledge Injection for Interpretable Sequence ClassificationGsponer, SeverinCostabello, LucaVan, Chan LeIfrim, Georgianaet al.
19-Sep-2016Be In The Know: Connecting News Articles to Relevant Twitter ConversationsShi, BichenIfrim, GeorgianaHurley, Neil J.
4-Jun-2015Constructing Subsumption Hierarchies of Web QueriesProhaska, AlexanderTryfonopoulos, ChristosIfrim, Georgiana
30-Dec-2017Efficient Sequence Regression by Learning Linear Models in All-Subsequence SpaceGsponer, SeverinSmyth, BarryIfrim, Georgiana
8-Apr-2014Event Detection in Twitter using Aggressive Filtering and Hierarchical Tweet ClusteringIfrim, GeorgianaShi, BichenBrigadir, Igor
8-Jul-2020Examining the State-of-the-Art in News Timeline SummarizationGhalandari, Demian GholipourIfrim, Georgiana
1-Jan-2018Hashtagger+: Efficient High-Coverage Social Tagging of Streaming NewsShi, BichenPoghosyan, GevorgIfrim, GeorgianaHurley, Neil J.
19-Sep-2014Insight4News: Connecting News to Relevant Social ConversationsShi, BichenIfrim, GeorgianaHurley, Neil J.
21-May-2019Interpretable Time Series Classification using Linear Models and Multi-resolution Multi-domain Symbolic RepresentationsNguyen, Thach LeGsponer, SeverinIlue, IuliaO'Reilly, MartinIfrim, Georgiana
20-Jan-2014Large Scale Identification and Categorization of Protein Sequences Using Structured Logistic RegressionPederson, Bjørn P.Ifrim, GeorgianaLiboriussen, Poulet al.
10-Jul-2020A Large-Scale Multi-Document Summarization Dataset from the Wikipedia Current Events PortalGhalandari, Demian GholipourHokamp, ChrisPham, Nghia TheGlover, JohnIfrim, Georgiana
15-Apr-2016Learning-to-Rank for Real-Time High-Precision Hashtag Recommendation for Streaming NewsIfrim, GeorgianaShi, BichenHurley, Neil J.
14-Oct-2017On Supporting Digital Journalism: Case Studies in Co-Designing Journalistic ToolsIfrim, GeorgianaGreene, DerekKeane, Mark T.Orellana-Rodriguez, ClaudiaShi, BichenPoghosyan, Gevorg
6-Nov-2016Real time News Story Detection and Tracking with HashtagsPoghosyan, GevorgIfrim, Georgiana
20-Sep-2019SocialTree: Socially Augmented Structured Summaries of News StoriesPoghosyan, GevorgIfrim, Georgiana
22-Apr-2017Time Series Classification by Sequence Learning in All-Subsequence SpaceNguyen, Thach LeGsponer, SeverinIfrim, Georgiana
23-Sep-2016Topy: Real-time Story Tracking via Social TagsPoghosyan, GevorgQureshi, M. AtifIfrim, Georgiana