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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Are catholic primary schools more effective than public primary schools?Elder, ToddJepsen, Christopher
Feb-2012Back to school: An Application of human capital theory for mature workersJepsen, ChristopherMontgomery, Mark
6-Apr-2010Bilingual Education and English ProficiencyJepsen, Christopher
2015Class Size: Does It Matter for Student Achievement?Jepsen, Christopher
May-2009Does home ownership vary by sexual orientation?Jepsen, ChristopherJepsen, Lisa K.
2015The Effect of Sharing a Mother Tongue with Peers: Evidence from North Carolina Middle SchoolsAhn, ThomasJepsen, Christopher
Jan-2006The Effects of Statutory Rape Laws on Nonmarital Teenage ChildbearingJepsen, ChristopherJepsen, Lisa K.
Jan-2014Estimating the social value of higher education: willingness to pay for community and technical collegesBlomquist, Glenn C.Coomes, PaulJepsen, Christopheret al.
Sep-2012The Labor-Market Returns to Community College Degrees, Diplomas, and CertificatesJepsen, ChristopherTroske, KennethCoomes, Paul
Jan-2014The labor-market returns to community college degrees, diplomas, and certificatesJepsen, ChristopherTroske, KennethCoomes, Paul
Jun-2016Labor-Market Returns to the GED Using Regression Discontinuity AnalysisJepsen, ChristopherMueser, PeterTroske, Kenneth
19-Dec-2014Labor-Market Specialization within Same-Sex and Different-Sex CouplesJepsen, ChristopherJepsen, Lisa K.
Jan-2009Miles to go before I learn: The effect of travel distance on the mature person's choice of a community collegeJepsen, ChristopherMontgomery, Mark
Feb-2008Multinomial Probit Estimates of College Completion at Two-Year and Four-Year SchoolsJepsen, Christopher
Oct-2007Positive outcomes from poor starts: Predictors of dropping back inHill, Laura E.Jepsen, Christopher
Nov-2002The role of aggregation in estimating the effects of private school competition on student achievementJepsen, Christopher
Apr-2015Second Chance for High-School Dropouts? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Postsecondary Educational Returns to General Educational Development CertificationJepsen, ChristopherMueser, PeterTroske, Kenneth
Jul-2017Second Chance for High-school Dropouts? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Postsecondary Educational Returns to the GEDJepsen, ChristopherMueser, PeterTroske, Kenneth
Mar-2017Self-Employment, Earnings, and Sexual OrientationJepsen, ChristopherJepsen, Lisa K.
2006The sexual division of labor within households revisited : comparisons of couples and roommatesJepsen, ChristopherJepsen, Lisa K.