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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2008Are people biased in their use of search engines?Keane, Mark T.O'Brien, MaeveSmyth, Barry
15-Jan-2021Bayesian Case-Exclusion and Explainable AI (XAI) for Sustainable FarmingKenny, Eoin M.Ruelle, ElodieGeoghegan, AnneTemraz, MohammedKeane, Mark al.
3-Aug-2013Cognitive Residues of Similarity: 'After-Effects' of Similarity Computations in Visual SearchO'Toole, StephanieKeane, Mark T.
3-Aug-2013A Computational Theory of Subjective Probability [Featuring a Proof that the Conjunction Effect is not a Fallacy]Maguire, PhilMoser, PhilippeMaguire, RebeccaKeane, Mark T.
5-Mar-2010Creativity: A Gap AnalysisKeane, Mark T.
8-Sep-2017Discovering News Events That Move MarketsGurin, YuriySzymanski, TerrenceKeane, Mark T.
10-Sep-2015The effect of soft, modal and loud voice levels on entrainment in noisy conditionsSzekely, EvaKeane, Mark T.Carson-Berndsen, Julie
15-Apr-2015The Field: Land mobility measures as seen through the eyes of Irish farmersBanovic, MarijaDuesberg, StefanieRenwick, AlanKeane, Mark T.Bogue, Pat
25-May-2020Good Counterfactuals and Where to Find Them: A Case-Based Technique for Generating Counterfactuals for Explainable AI (XAI)Smyth, BarryKeane, Mark T.
10-Jul-2016Helping News Editors Write Better Headlines: A Recommender to Improve the Keyword Contents and Shareability of News HeadlinesSzymanski, TerrenceOrellana-Rodriguez, ClaudiaKeane, Mark T.
9-Aug-2019How Case-Based Reasoning Explains Neural Networks: A Theoretical Analysis of XAI Using Post-Hoc Explanation-by-Example from a Survey of ANN-CBR Twin-SystemsKeane, Mark T.Kenny, Eoin M.
24-Nov-2017The Illusionary Comfort of a Warm Normative TheoryKeane, Mark T.
18-Jan-2019Industrial Memories: Exploring the Findings of Government Inquiries with Neural Word Embedding and Machine LearningLeavy, SusanPine, EmilieKeane, Mark T.
10-Sep-2018Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logit Model of Discrete ChoiceAggarwal, ManishHanmandlu, MadasuKeane, Mark T.Biswas, Kanad
14-Jul-2017LOOM: Showing the Dynamics of Power Laws in Twitter DataDoyle, MaryanneKeane, Mark T.
26-Apr-2018MAAP Annotate: When archaeology meets augmented reality for annotation of megalithic artBarbier, JohannaKenny, PatriciaYoung, JordanNormand, Jean-MarieKeane, Mark T.O'Sullivan, MuirisVentresque, Anthony
16-Jul-2016Mining the Cultural Memory of Irish Industrial Schools Using Word Embedding and Text ClassificationLeavy, SusanKeane, Mark T.Pine, Emilie
11-Jul-2018Modeling and Predicting News Consumption on TwitterOrellana-Rodriguez, ClaudiaKeane, Mark T.
10-Mar-2015A neural network model of Irish farmers perceptions of land mobilityBanovic, MarijaRenwick, AlanKeane, Mark T.Bogue, Pat
14-Oct-2017On Supporting Digital Journalism: Case Studies in Co-Designing Journalistic ToolsIfrim, GeorgianaGreene, DerekKeane, Mark T.Orellana-Rodriguez, ClaudiaShi, BichenPoghosyan, Gevorg